Thursday, August 6, 2009

[ Thankful Thursdays ]

Thankful Thursday. Today I want to know what you are thankful for, and you can't just pick out the 'no-brainer' that we'll all list like your children, your spouse, your house, or being free in America. We're all thankful for those. Not to mimize their value, but I want you to really think today about what it is you're thankful for. And I gotta tell you after our mission trip to Haiti this year our lives have changed tremendously. Things we took for granted that we had no idea or gave it a second thought.... I won't bore you with the beauty I find in electricity, or hot water or food today.

While I was picking up the house today because we were having a satellite installed and the realtor come by I'm reminded of just how much I suck at housekeeping! lol :) Yep, I'm horrible. Dust bunnies big enough to pack away a newborn baby. Then it dawns on me...I'm thankful for the legos and hot wheels that pierce the bottom of my feet out of the blue. The chaos of my children fighting over the video controllers or the ding dong of my daughters cell phone for the gazillionth time as she carries on a text conversation that last 3 or 4 hours. Someday soon, all these little sounds and spoilers will be gone. The kids will go to college, start families of their own and it will just be daddy and I home alone. What will we do? I can't imagine my home being that empty and the 'fun' disappearing. I realize everyone looks forward to spending time with their spouse again or doing things alone without the kids. But daddy and I make time for one another now. We have our date nights, we take weekend trips together. Right now I'm thankful for the clutter in my house and the constant chaos and coming and going because I can't imagine it being gone. I don't care if my house is messy--it's lived in. By my three awesome children that God blessed us with. I'd love to have more. I'd love to adopt. If I had my way I'd be that little home woman that lived in a shoe. She had so many children she didn't know what to do! lol I'd know. I'd have an even messier house and more chaos and an abundance of love and laughter.

Today, I'm also thankful for footlong corndogs! Smothered in mustard! The highlight of the fair! They came to our small town and didn't bring a tilt-a-whirl so the fair went down the tubes for me, until I spied those footlong dogs, calling my name! Ahhhhh...

Just a few pics from the fairgrounds. Now... tell me what you're thankful for this Thursday. :)

I think the goldfish game is so cool to look at. Too bad we can't all see color like I see it through a lens! :) These are the wierd little oddities that grab my attention at the fair.

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