Monday, August 10, 2009

[ matchmaker Monday ]

Okay, so it's almost Tuesday...sue me! :) But after talking to my friend Diane yesterday evening I had an idea. Well, talking to her and reading a bloggie friend's Monday post. Diane was able to speak to members of the First Christian Church and it looks as though they may decide to sponsor another child through the mission. There are so many kids waiting for sponsors, hoping and dreaming of just being able to go to school. The mission is about so much more than just educating the children in Haiti but teaching them about God and showing His love to the people in Montrious. It became a personal goal to tell as many people as I could about the change Haiti made in my life. Finding support for the mission, finding sponsors for the many children. Some of which I had the fortune to meet.

So, I came up with the idea of Matchmaker Monday for my blog! I can feature waiting children looking for sponsorships and maybe in some way, someone who reads the blog will be touched or led to sponsor someone. You never know what one person will see in the eyes of a child. I had a few ideas in mind for sponsoring a child, and then somehow God had a few ideas in mind for me.

I went from seeing this photo on a website and hearing information about a child, her family size, her age, you know... basic facts.

To, knowing this child through her smiles and a loving touch that melted my heart. I know not everyone will ever be able to meet the child they choose to sponsor, but I can't begin to tell you how it can change their lives.... or yours.

Seeing strange faces (not to mention strange new white faces) show up at your home can make one a bit nervous and shy. But after being explained through the translator the reason for our visit, we instantly became a cherished friend. Someone who loved and cared enough to share what God has blessed us with to help one of His children in need. Not only are you just 'sponsoring' a child by sending your money, you are teaching them the love of Christ and spreading his light and love to people in the world. The mission is very strong in teaching the Christian faith through the school and to the children.
Yet another 'face in the crowd' as seen through our sponsorship page. Yet, getting to know the people behind the pictures would tell you....

...that Evaline is one heck of a 'cosmetologist' (of sorts). Trying to earn extra money for her family she takes time to come to the mission house when teams visit to see if anyone would like their hair done, Haitian style. ;o) She graced us with her beautiful smile and personality one evening and we paid her to braid the girls' hair.

I guess to me, seeing who the faces of Haiti really are shows so much more than a face with a name card against a school wall. Evaline is still in need of a sponsor to help her attend school. At the age of 20, being in the 8th grade is quite an accomplishment. You see, in Haiti the grade you're in doesn't depend on your age and simply passing to the next don't go to school unless you can pay for it. So making it to a jr. high or high school level is awesome. But also, difficult.

It's not just about picking out the one with the cutest smile or saddest face. It's about who the children and the people are. Today, I'm sharing just Evaline, giving you an idea of what's to come. I want to share who the children are and hopefully match them with loving, supportive sponsors who want to share the love of Christ with them.

To sponsor Evaline you can click on the sponsor link in the right sidebar or leave a comment to this post, or feel free to e-mail me directly at and I'll make sure you are linked up with Evaline, or another child of your choice. There's more to come! Watch next week for new faces.

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