Friday, August 21, 2009

[ Friday Freebie! ]

I'm all about getting *FREE STUFF* and today I'm sharing a couple of goodies. =] Since the kids started school this past week of course all that paperwork came home that we have to fill out. One of the things in our Kindergarten pack was a note saying the kids are encouraged to bring water bottles to school labeled with their name. This helps to prevent sharing of germs at the water fountain and the kids bottles are sent home each night to be washed. If they need they filled during the day the teacher takes them and fills them. Does make sense, and rather than buying bottled water over and over (because I'm not one of those people that thinks my kid can't handle tap water...please, we eat mud pies as kids, water from a tap is not toxic), I'll send my kid with a refillable jug. A *FREE* Juicy Juice jug! How cool?! All you have to do is go to this site and fill out the form with your name and address and your free jug is on it's way! Besides...I ♥ Lime Green! If he ever misplaces it or gets tired of it, that sucker's mine! lol

And did you remember to fill out your form last week for the *FREE* chocolate?! I got my coupon this week and enjoyed a full sized 3 Musketeers yesterday! Just when I needed it, at the end of a hectic day when I was ready to pull my hair out. I stopped at the Shell station, got my 50cent Dr. Pepper and a chocolate fix. I tell you, it's like valuum. Aaaaaahhhhh.... Don't forget to click every Friday to get your chocolate!
So, for some reason this week I'm on a junk food kick. Go ahead, admit it. We all fall prey to the 'Fat in a Sack' as my 5 year old calls it. You know you want it and there's not another fry on the planet that can compare to Ronald's. =] We already have one of these coupons but I'm headed for another... click here to get a free LG order of fries and a drink if you try one of the new Angus burgers at Mickey D's. I think I might actually indulge today for lunch while the kids are at school so I don't have to share! Yes, I'm selfish that way. Shoot me. =] lol

So, now after I eat my fat-in-a-sack, have my Dr. Pepper and favorite candy bar I'll sit back and wait for my juice jug to come in the mail. Yep, it's shaping up to be a lazy Friday. Did I mention the weather is still awesome today? Cool with a slight breeze, overcast but not dark and gloomy cloudy. It's a nice day to curl up with a good book. Maybe at least for an hour or so. I do have work to do and want to look like I accomplished something when my hubby gets home (besides just cleaning the coffee table and dining room table off and throwing away a week's worth of junk mail).
So, along those lines of thinking (cleaning that is...hey, I did a little bit) here's my verse for the day:
"Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
Psalm 51:10
He's renewing my steadfast spirit today as I rejoice in the awesome weather we're having and a sense of accomplishment by the work I have gotten done the last couple of days. It's going to be a good weekend. Now...go get your FREE STUFF!

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