Monday, August 31, 2009

[ Fun in the Son ]

We took it easy this weekend and didn't do a whole lot. I got a bit of work done and I also got to sew! yeah me!!! Something that I so enjoy doing and I've decided this year (well, the last few months at least) that if I don't take some time for me and the things I enjoy in life I'm going to be so burned out on my work that it won't be a pleasure for me anymore. I finished a lap quilt top and a couple of little girl dresses. :) Fun fun!!! Saturday was a relaxing day at home with the family. Dad mowed the yard, the kids played and slept in, I got to sew and hang out in my sweats all day! It just doesn't get any better!!! I cooked too.. homemade bread again, and I tried a new pepper steak dish from my Paula Dean cookbook. Yum!!! I was going to take pictures and share, but hey.... it was my weekend remember? I was too lazy to do that! Sunday morning started out making breakfast for my boys (and Tucker) ;) Tyler had a friend stay over and the boys were up bright and early eating homemade biscuits and cereal. Taylor always sleeps in as long as she can so she rarely catches breakfast before church. Dad didn't feel good so he stayed home in bed, and was still snoring away when we got home at 1:30! Talk about catching up on your sleep! lol It was 'Fun in the Son' day this week at church. We skipped all Sunday school classes and our church gathers together to play games and fellowship and have lunch together. It was such a beautiful day to play and enjoy the food and friendships. Nail driving contests, egg toss (which my son and I won in the adult group!), water races, sack races and lots of fun games for the little kids too.

After lots of fun we went home to rest for the afternoon. Sundays are our 'lazy days'. After church and Sunday school we enjoy dinner with our family and then we take it easy. Dad was already snoozin' because he didn't feel so well, the kids lounge around watching tv and movies together or reading a book, and I took another 4 (yes, count 'em, f-o-u-r) hour nap. I woke up around 5:30 and we went to the local pizza place for dinner for Taylor's birthday. Even though her birthday was 4 days earlier we still hadn't celebrated with mamaw and papaw yet. So we met up and chowed down on the buffet, the kids played video games in the arcade area and we visited for at least an hour or more before we decided to head home. Taylor didn't get much of a party this year or any special recognition and fancy presents. She got a vehicle to drive again! lol (makes her deliriously happy! plus....bonus for me....I don't have to drive her around everywhere!!!). Daddy fixed up the pick up, got her a new headlight installed, we paid the taxes and new license and she's rollin' on her own again! This was present enough for her. Thank goodness for us she's a very appreciative child and knows the value of what we had to do for her to be able to drive again and she was more than pleased with that for her gift.

Surprisingly enough....after my 4 hour nap, I didn't feel wide awake into the wee hours. I managed to crash around 9:30 or 10 and slept like a baby. Ahhhh..... I love Sundays. :) I don't know that we served Him in much of a way today other than worshiping at church and thanking Him for the funnel cake I had during Fun in the Son, but I think He appreciates when we take a day to enjoy the sunshine and fellowship with other Christians. That's how we served today. How bout you?

(maybe I'll add pictures later.... blogger won't load them tonight). :(

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