Tuesday, August 18, 2009

[ First Day of School ]

Well, it finally arrived. The day I knew was inevitable. The first day of school 2009. It's been quite a roller coaster of emotions today. My daughter started her senior year! I can't believe it. Watching her get ready for school and jumping out of the car (yes, she had to be driven today... for shame!), it all comes flooding back. The day she was born, watching her learn to walk, her first day of grade school in her little polka-dot dress and her new backpack. Watching her learn to ride a bike and begging her daddy to not let go, seeing her fall off of her horse for the first time, watching her graduate 8th grade, her first day of high school, her first prom date, getting her driver's license.....and now this. :) Everything went by so quickly!!! I have 9 short months to learn how to let her be herself. To let her go and be okay with the decisions she makes for her life, weather I agree with them or not. I hope these next few months creep by slowly. I love her so.

I'm a senior momma!!! :) Oh please....

Makes a beautiful young woman if I do say so myself. ;) I don't know where she gets it from.

And then, there's my boys. Tyler will graduate 8th grade this year. As hard as I try to believe he is one of the 'big' kids in the school he still seems like he just started grade school. How is it possible he'll be ready for high school so soon?! My little boy who mimicked everything his sister did (yes, everything.... he loved her dance shoes when he was little! lol), he tried so hard to stay out of the mudholes when he was little even when momma told him to be extra careful but boys will be boys. His favorite thing to do when he was in about 2nd grade was lock us out of the car before school. I've always been the 'school bus' for my kids and he would pretend to take his back pack to the car and lock the doors with my keys inside. When I'd discover what he'd done he always acted so innocent when he'd say, "I guess Cathy has to come drive us to school now!" He used to love one of my girlfriends from work and would find any excuse to get her to come to our house to see him. lol Little terd. And now look at him. He's going to be the big brother at school, watching out for his little brother, teaching him the ropes, and probably being too bossy in the process. It never seemed possible that he would be so big so fast. Where's Elmo when you need him?

My boys' first day of school. Sissy was already off to her high school responsibilities before the boys were out of bed. :( Tater just couldn't understand why he couldn't go with us this morning. Where is everyone off too?

This is how we were greeted as soon as we pulled up in front of school. I talked to Daddy tonight and told him, "This is why we send our kids to R6." It hit me like a ton of bricks when we got out of the car. All of Tyler's classmates (all 6 of them!) were waiting on the sidewalk for him. Hurry up! You're the last one here! We've been waiting for you! They are the 'seniors' of our little school. All seven of them, making their presence known as the 8th graders this year. They had their little chat before school started with their favorite teacher, brought snacks for one another and Tyler even baked a 'welcome back' cake. Just for his friends. They are an incredible group of kids and I'm excited to see what the year holds for us. :)
See... like a little family. Could it get any better?! Some of our friends know what we've been up against lately with 'school decisions' and these are the reasons we choose R6. Not the school board, not because we think our kids are 'better'. But because the kids and the teachers care. Period.

See.... the caring. :) "Miss Olmstead" (aka Heather!) was Tanner's first babysitter after he was born. She was hired as a new teacher this year, so Tanner and Heather get to grow in their new journey through R6 together. He was happy to see her and I think she was a little happy to see him and give him some extra special help this morning. We love you Heather!
Tanner and his awesome teacher Mrs. Sager
Last but not least.... my baby. How is it possible that he can start Kindergarten already?! We just got the news of our surprise not too long ago! That he was going to be our third baby! Wow. It just seems like yesterday that we brought him home from the hospital and nicknamed him glow worm because of his bili blanket. Watching him learn to walk and grow strong, having his big sister baby him and take him for his first horsie ride. Seeing Tyler teaching him all the tricks on the Wii and PS2. Finding the joy in having him around day in and day out as I was lucky enough to get to stay home with him the last three years. What a blessing. When I ask him this morning what I was going to do all day without my assistant he simply said, "Gee Mom, school doesn't last all day. I'll be home pretty soon." :) So simple. So real. Letting me know that he doesn't always need mom as much as mom needs him. I'm so proud of him for being so brave all the time and being so grown up. When you have two teenage siblings it's not a hard thing to learn. We had many mixed feelings and challenges with him starting school and I'm glad that our story had a happy ending. He began his first year at R6. Just like Taylor, just like Tyler.
And, yes, I need to learn to slowly let go of this one too. I was still peering through the classroom door watching the kids take their seats. Finding their names on their tables. Thinking to myself, "Everything I ever needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten."

The Lord has truly blessed us with these children. We've done what we always felt was best for them and was pleasing to God. He guides us daily. I know that He is ever present wherever they are. Today marked a milestone for me as a mother, as a parent. I've done my job, and feel I've done it well (with a little help from Daddy and of course the good Lord), and now it's the kids' turn to go to work. I pray that they will always be mindful of their actions and their words and not only strive to make mom and dad proud but to make their Heavenly Father proud.
I hope everyone's first day of school was as happy and blessed as ours. We're also pooped from filling out new year paperwork, medical forms, etc., and a busy first day. Everyone is already down for the night and snoring away. See you tomorrow!

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