Tuesday, August 4, 2009

[ catching up ]

I had such high hopes to keep up a regular blog. So, I guess it's the beginning of a new month and it's time to buckle down. Get my wits about me again. Keep my mind focused so to speak. It's been a busy couple of weeks. I've decided maybe getting back to work would help with my mind and my heart. Doing what I love, taking pictures of others makes me happy. Seeing the beauty that God surrounds me with through my lens, leaves me several opportunities to see my Lord in so many places. Unexpected places at times. Plus, the kids have had VBS this past week. Crocodile Dock! It was an awesome week. I loved helping out, but by the end of the week it became something I had to push myself to, until the end of our session for the day and I was reminded of why I agreed to help with the kids singing and laughing and hugging. And my own kids thanking me again for taking them.

Our church has an incredible congregation that makes me proud to be a part of it. The kids are an important part of the church and everyone knows they are the future of what surrounds us. Teaching them about God and Jesus' sacrifice for us is so important and it's comforting to see how many people become involved with Bible School. I'm glad I had an easy job! ;o) Not fully committed to a class of kids the entire time, but making slideshows with photos of the kids throughout the week. :o)

So, our big payoff for the week was getting to 'slime' Pastor Doug. :o) He told the kids if they managed to get attendance to 45 kids they could slime him. We met our goal the second day and maintained an average of 40 kids each night. How awesome to have that many kids excited about VBS! 28 kids had perfect attendance! My son included. :o) Doug was a good sport letting everyone take their turn flinging green jello at him, including adults. Who could resist?! Tyler (my oldest son) has a way of invading your personal space at times by always asking for a hug. So, Doug thought it would be nice to see if Tyler would like a hug to celebrate the end of our perfect week! lol My son went home slimed too. But of course, he was more than happy to receive his 'hugs'!

Then on Friday night we had a church picnic and swim party at the city pool. The men spent at least an hour on the water slides trying to see who could be flung the farthest in the pool. The kids had to butt in line to get their turn in. lol It was so fun to watch all these dads ranging in age from 20 something to 40 something battling for the title of coolest dad.

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