Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mission NOT Impossible & Prom

I can't believe how incredibly busy this time of  year has become for us.  I never would have dreamed that just because we have graduates that we would be this nuts!!!

This past week we've been preparing for graduation and Prom.  My daughter's Senior Prom was Saturday night and she asked her date to take her!  He goes to school in another town, but they met as area officers for FFA (Future Farmer's of America).  They see one another for area meetings, contests, conventions, camps, etc.  They get along fabulously!  And let me tell you, he was definitely a gentleman and we welcome Cole back ANYtime!

It was bittersweet to see my baby girl heading off to her last prom.  She's become such a beautiful young woman!  And what a heart she has.  Not one of those drama queens, but a real down to earth kinda' girl who knows what's important in life and she's keepin' it real!
As I said, Cole was quite the gentleman and even had her home early (their choice, not ours!).  She was in before 11:30 as he had a 45 minute drive back home and had to get up early because he was singing a solo at church the next morning.  (Did I mention I like this kid!?!) ;)

And at church the next day, my daughter went forward and made her profession of faith and will be baptized in the next week or two!  You'll definitely be seeing pictures of that!  She accepted Christ into her life as a young girl and has been living a life that follows her Lord.  She had just never been baptized and was waiting for the right moment.  With our extensive history of pastor's coming and going with previous churches and the search for a church where our family felt at home she just didn't feel comfortable yet to have some of these men baptize her.

What an incredible feeling for a mother to have to have Brother Ron tell us she had spoke to him about baptizing her.  She was trying to keep it a secret and was going to surprise us!  ♥  Much to her surprise, when she shared her good news with her 14 year old brother..... he told her the same thing!  "Well, that's just not fair!  That's what I was going to do!"  What a joyous blessing that both of our older children will soon be baptized.

The even greater part, is watching their lives unfold and seeing how they choose to serve the Lord.

And, one last goodie to share!  My Mission 'NOT' Impossible......  I've already blogged in the past about how we'll be returning to Haiti this summer.  We hope to travel in late August and I knew that one way or another the Lord would get us there.  If it was His will....  the way would present itself.

I decided to start making and selling items as a fundraiser for my trip.  I need approximately $1000 to go on this mission trip.  This would cover airlines, travel expenses and lodging/meals for 7-10 days.  Doable?  Definitely doable with God.  I decided to call my 'shop' Pish Posh Tots.  Here's the incredible part....  within two weeks, receiving orders, fulfilling them and ones left to finish...... I will have raised almost $700!!!!!!  How incredible is that?!  God is good!  ALL the time!!!!!!  I decided this year Haiti.... next year, who knows!?!  Africa has been on my mind for quite some time!  I think I need to take a trip with my bloggy friend Andrea and serve the people with the WIPHAN ministry!

So if you want to check it out, or share it with your friends, I've still got a ways to go for my trip and then we are starting to raise funds for my daughter's share of the trip.  Who knows, maybe we can raise enough to take the whole family on this mission trip.  I wonder what great things the Lynch's could accomplish!?!  Excited to see where the Lord leads us.

You can check out some of the fun stuff I've been making and selling on the site HERE.  Lots of new things to come too so keep checking back!  God has once again blessed me with being able to do something that I love to serve His purpose.  Thanks for helping me accomplish my goals (and His plan!).
There's lots more photos in the galleries.  Enjoy!