Sunday, October 25, 2009

[ Halloween Party! ]

Every year our neighbor has a Halloween party. She pulls out all the stops and it's always an incredible good time! My best friend's son stayed with us yesterday and spent the night. Brian and Tanner always get along GREAT and they were so excited to head across the road to join the fun. Tanner got his costume for his birthday, after all it's a football uniform, not a halloween costume. ;o) (Shhhh.... don't tell!) Tanner likes costumes so we had a collection in the closet and Brian decided to go as Batman, the capeless crusader. Yes, capeless. Tanner loves his costumes, but tends to lose pieces. Ultimately the costumes are just an added bonus because the kids spend their time running, playing games, playing hide-n-seek, roasting smores and then going on the Haunted Walk! Who needs a big bulky costume to slow you down?! lol

Brian & Tanner - My two favorite little boys in the whole wide world!

Did I mention she goes all out?! Sherry loves to decorate and entertain at Halloween time. It's her favorite holiday. There are skulls around the deck on stakes with yard lanterns, carved pumpkins everywhere, orange strings of lights on all the trees, skeletons sitting in corners, SCAREY scarecrows, witches, warewolves, a fire pit surrounded by bales of straw, tons of food and I'm sure her hubby gets stuck whittling all those hotdog and marshmallow sticks that are so cleverly displayed in a hollow log. It's just awesome!

And her pumpkins aren't just pumpkin faces, or plain ole jack-o-lanterns with big buck teeth. She is a carving artist! I have hostess envy! lol

Then, after a couple of hours of visiting, eating and the kids playing, it's time to go on the huanted walk. It's usually a hayride through the haunted forest but it's been raining so much lately that it was too muddy for the tractor and wagon so we had to venture out on foot. Even some of the adults said it was scarier on foot! At least in a wagon you can close your eyes and turn away! lol There are three separate walks. One for the little kids to visit the good witch. The above pic is a peek into her cabin in the woods. And yes, we live in the country, it's in the woods! Our walks take us through the timber in the dark. Only our guide has a lantern. House rules... no flashlights! The good witch has her bonfire going, candles in her house and of course her cauldron bubbling (with dry ice) and she always has goodies and treats to pass out to the kids.

Then the older kids go for the walk. It takes about 15-20 minutes. Imagine if you will a haunted house you might have been too... only take it outside, in the pitch black, in the cold. Feeling eerie yet? We walk through the 'forest' around grain bins where beasts crawl out growling, wearwolves are rattling their chains as you pass an old abandoned building and he's screaming and howling to be released, there are gouls jumping out of the forest, there are scarecrows that come to life, and we pass by the cemetary complete with skeletons hanging from the trees and bodies in caskets or coming up from the ground under piles of leaves. Then, from a distance, you see a fire.... and hear the chainsaw. Did I mention the woman thrives on fear! lol :) she laughs and smiles the whole time, it's awesome. Now... did that little paragraph strike a fear in you?

Then it's time for the teenager/adult walk. Imagine all those things I typed above, only the wearwolf breaks free from his chains, he breaks the bars from his cage and runs after you, catching some of us. The gouls that creep from beneath the grain bins run between our groups, separating those that are holding onto one another for safety. Our hostess was even 'attacked' this year and rolled to the ground. (which was really funny! It wasn't planned and under her own laughter she says she's going to have to have a talk about that later!). Leatherface doesn't keep his distance in the woods, the chainsaw is real and he does chase you. Are you getting the picture? It's total, FUN! Scarey FUN! Some people enjoy Halloween and scarey movies and haunted houses.... my neighbor could have wrote the rule book. Let me just say it was scarey enough that hearing the screams and the chainsaw and seeing that last gorilla come out of the woods, my 6 year old gave me a HUGE hug and wouldn't let go. He was afraid the goblins got his mommy. He was over it within 30 seconds realizing who the actors were. His friends' daddy's.... it's all in good fun, and it was back to party time.

The kids played a bit more, I tortured them in my own way by taking pictures and then we walked back home. My oldest son is afraid of the dark and he wanted to hang around with his friends before walking home. (teasing him....) I said, are you sure? I know the gouls and offered to pay them to hide in the woods between our houses....was he sure he wanted to walk home alone? lol :) MOM!!! No you didn't!?! Hmmmm...... or did I?

Sissy's best friend Haley was at the party with her parents, Brian and Taylor.

Brian wanted in all the pictures! I love him... my big scaredy cat Tyler, and Haley.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of choice, Christmas runs a VERY close second but we definitely look forward to Halloween every year, just to go to the neighbor's party. Thanks again Sherry for another fantastic time!!! You rock my socks!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

[ Bewildered ]

be♦wil♦der–verb (used with object)
to confuse or puzzle completely; perplex: These shifting attitudes bewilder me.

1675–85; be- + wilder (v.)

mystify, nonplus, confuse, daze, confound, stagger, muddle.

Yep, that's me. Lately I'm feeling bewildered, lost in a sense. My heart is overflowing with things I'm so passionate about and things I want to do and accomplish. Things I want people to take notice of. Things I want to share with others and lead them in a positive direction. And yet I'm bewildered. Discouraged by lack of enthusiasm by others, disappointed in stepping out in faith reaching for others to encourage them and having them look at me like I have two heads. Not only two heads, but a third eye on each.

I sometimes feel lost and alone, like I'm on this amazing journey that no one understands or cares to be a part of. Only, I'm not completely alone. My Lord is there with me. It's the feeling of Him being the only one with me that puzzles me.

Puzzled when I encounter others that seem confused by simple scripture. Totally blown away by reaching out to someone that I thought wanted to experience the dream they expressed, offering to take their hand and go along only to feel like I have the plague and they can't run away from me fast enough. Like I'm talking to rocks on occasion..... the lights seem to be on, but nobody's home. Or better yet.... The LIGHT is on, but no one wants to embrace it and let it shine from within them, spilling out to blanket others.

Feelings of being in a place and time that I don't enjoy being there anymore. Step out with me! Step up! Go, DO..... do something to please your God. To please HIM alone, not ourselves, not questioning His lead, not faltering in your own faith. I'm praying.... praying for guidance, praying for His will, praying for direction and to find people to take along this journey with me.

I know most of things makes absolutely no sense to some, to others it may hit home so true and strong you thought you were alone in your feelings. Today, I pray there are more people that don't have a clue what I'm talking about than not. Pray for our families, pray for our church families, pray for Christians.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

[ That's How We Roll... ]

It's been a long week to say the least. My brother-in-law lost his wife last Saturday. One week ago today. He wasn't coping very well and we all took turns staying with him and keeping him company. Trying to comfort someone during the loss of a loved one, let alone a spouse is pointless to some degree. There is no comfort. In much of anything. But with a lot of love and support we manage to survive and life goes on. The best thing you can do for someone during their time of grief is love them, hold them and pray for them. Monty definitely still needs our prayers.

After her funeral on Thursday I made a big dinner in case anyone wanted to come over and eat. Monty doesn't have a lot of people to turn to other than his dad and his brothers. I knew he'd come to eat and stay with us a while and I called my father-in-law to eat with us. My bro-in-law seemed to be doing better after the day was over. Definitely not the person he was a week ago. He's going to be fine...moving on. It helps to have an adorable nephew who needs to be entertained and begs for attention. The little card shark acts like he's ready for a professional poker game, but will settle for "Goldfish". (His way of saying Go Fish!). He couldn't comprehend go fish when he was a toddler so goldfish just stuck and that's what we still call it. He insisted that his uncle Monty play and he was going to show him how dad and he played the game. Too funny.
Maybe some day Monty can look back on this day and think it wasn't so bad after all. He survived and there are still people left in this world that love him. It was hilarious listening to the game and how my 6 yr old makes up the rules as he goes along. To suit his cause of course.
He has his own special deck of Spongebob cards and loves to play with them any chance he gets. I told him to hold up a card and show me so I could take his picture and he said, "Mom! Dad will see my cards... geez. Don't look dad!" as he showed me his hand. Little nut. We laughed and I told him I didn't need to see what he was holding, I just wanted a picture of spongebob on the back. LOL :)
After a lengthy game of Goldfish, Tanner remembered that uncle Monty knew how to play the banjo and wanted to hear it. My husband's family is full of musicians and it comes so natural to them all. My kids love music just as much and it's in their blood. My daughter can pick up a base and be taught to play within minutes while I struggle for days on end and give up. My oldest son is taking guitar lessons and his teacher says he's a natural. He does an awesome job. And of course the littlest musician will pick up anything or play his "air guitar" every chance he gets. After playing the drums on my coffee table to two pencils and his library books (he was simply accompanying his uncle Monty) he BEGGED to play the real banjo. So this is what they figured out. Dad could hold him on his lap and hold the banjo, Tanner got to strum the strings, and uncle Monty played the 'left hand'. It was hilarious and awesome. :) Tanner said, "how am I gonna play the long end?!?!" When his uncle volunteered his next question was, "Do you know twinkle twinkle?" Serious as a heart attack. So they played and sang twinkle twinkle little star. I wish I had video!

Then our weekend started.... Tanner had a birthday party today for one of his kindergarten buddies, but before the party we got to ride in the parade for the Missouri Days Festival. Melinda, Joy and I started Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry and what better way to let people know what we're doing than with a float full of adorable kids?! It was pretty chilly but overall we had a great time. The kids threw lots of candy and I think we now have the 'parade wave' mastered. ;o)
The kids all got together at Melinda's and they made our signs for the side of the truck. Last night when I tucked Tanner in he was asking about the float and what it was for. So we had a long talk about adoption. He seemed to understand and all he wanted to know was why his brother and sister grew up so fast. His idea of fast is because his brother and sister are 8 and 11 years older than he is. His sister is a senior in high school graduating and will soon be off to college and her absence around the house really takes it's toll on him some days. He realizes now he's going to be 'alone' someday. I can't imagine him being the only child in our house in the next few years. He's been asking for a brother or sister. Maybe, just maybe.... this is all part of God's plan. We shall see.....

Thursday, October 15, 2009

[ Are You Aware? ]

Today is October 15th and it is nationally recognized and Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day. I know this because I fall into that category. There's hardly a day that goes by that somewhere in my mind I'm not aware of the baby we lost. Some days I'm very aware, and others God blesses me with so many things it gets pushed to the back of my mind.

I used to have a magnet like this on my car.... and somehow along the way it has blown away. I need to replace it. Most rememberance ribbons are a certain color and we're aware of what they stand for. Pink is breast cancer, Red is aids awareness, Yellow is supporting our military troops. But most people don't know what the pink white and blue ribbon is for.
Some of you reading this may have experienced a loss of a child, weather through pregnancy and miscarriage, stillbirth or a child with health issues. Today I think of you. Those fortunate enough not to have experienced the loss of a child are truly blessed in ways you don't understand. Always remember that no matter what age or stage a person loses a child it's a terrible process and everyone grieves differently.

We lost a child during pregnancy and regardless of weather we 'knew' the child, got to hold them, touch them, smell them or hear them cry....they were a real part of our family. They held hopes and dreams of years to come. Watching them grow and nurturing them just as we have our other children. They are real. She was real. I had another daughter. She lives with Jesus now and someday I will see her, I will touch her, I will smell her wonderful scent. She is real to me, real to our family. September 24, 2002 (ironically enough my birthday) is the day I lost her. Today I remember her and I think of other families who suffer a loss.

If you get nothing else from this post than one thing I would want it to be this.... When someone is grieving all you need to do is say you are sorry they are hurting, you are sorry for the loss of their child. Most of us stumble for just the right words to say, but truly there are none. There are plenty of wrong things to say....such as "it was meant to be", "something must have been wrong with 'it' and this was God's way of fixing it", "you didn't need anymore children anyway, look at the x-number you have now and be blessed with them". There are so many other things that can be taken the wrong way when someone is grieving. And trust me, it wasn't God's way of fixing anything, it wasn't that a child wasn't meant to be. God doesn't make mistakes, but we do have to experience loss and grief and He can change your heart and allow you to grow from the experience. Losing our child taught us many things.

So, if you know someone today that has lost a child, had a miscarriage or stillbirth. Take the time to let them know.... you remember. You were thinking of them today. You're there for them if it's a recent loss, or if it's been some time and healing has begun for them just let them know you remember their baby and you were just thinking about them today and wanted them to know that. Pray for the healing in their hearts. God will bless their heart and yours for the gesture. I promise. :)

For more information or resources and support if you have suffered a loss go to Remembering Our Babies. I remember today, but I smile now when I remember. The grieving has past and I look forward to meeting my daughter someday. :) Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

[ Really? ]

Okay... this post may sound like the 80's valley girl... REALLY?! I mean... Really. C'mon already! You've been warned....

First, thank you Katie for taking my boys to the fall festival in Jamesport Tuesday night. I think even Tyler enjoyed himself even if he was probably one of the oldest kids there. His pumpkin was awesome (my favorite) I just wish I could have seen the pink ribbon before it rolled in your car and smeared it all off. :s Sorry. After you left the house when you dropped the boys off Tanner opened up a bit more and shared about the costume contest. My cute little Chief's fan sporting his entire football uniform, helmet ball and all only got 2nd place. REALLY?! C'mon already! He's the cutest terd I know! The judges must have been biased. It's not our fault the Chief's stink this year. He deserved first place! lol :) (Not Katie's fault by the way...she wasn't a judge.)

Last night my oldest son had his first basketball game and I loved it!! Every minute of it!!! (even if they did lose....) The girls did great! Smoked 'em! But we've never had a really great boys team and they lost big time. But my son was high scorer with 9 points and I think he did an awesome job. However, you boys really need to step up your game! REALLY! C'mon already! You've been doing this for how many years and you're still making bad passes like you did in grade school! Hellow! (my son included....don't for a second think I'm one of those mom's who thinks her kid does no wrong. My son probably gets yelled at as much or more than the other kids. If they didn't know me so well, I wouldn't yell at them all!) lol :) But, we've got a lot of potential and I know the boys will work harder next game. I'll still be there with my pencil in hand keeping the score book (it's the only thing that keeps my mouth in check sometimes....must be quiet at the 'official' table. I have to seem unbiased you know.) ;)

And the final spoiler to the day: the girls and I had our first 'official' presentation to the community. (for those who don't know what we're doing you can check out Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry--we're advocating for adoption and care of the orphan) We attended the Ministerial Alliance Meeting and I have to say it surprised me that out of the 40+ churches in our community only a handful of representatives/pastors were there. What's up with that? REALLY!?

The girls and I got together before the meeting for a few minutes just to cover our bases and make sure we knew what we were going to say (not like it was planned....we're great at flying by the seat of our pants!). We said a quick prayer and off we went! I think we even surprised ourselves at how easily it came to us. We presented our information and how we would like our local churches to become involved and waited....and the silence will kill you! So we said a few more words....and waited. Finally someone ask what we wanted them to do. Ummm... wasn't everyone listening? We would like the churches to step up, on Orphan Sunday (Nov 8th) commit to having your service involve our cause. Adoption is very close to God's heart, we shared links with information and resources for sermon notes and bulletin inserts.

And still no response. Joy's pastor attended the meeting and ask if we would come to their service on that Sunday and share our information/stories with their congregation. He would give us a 15 minute window of opportunity and would love to have us speak. Yeah God! This could help, wasn't exactly what we expected but hey.... flying by the seat of our pants! :) I'm still looking forward to it anyway. I think my biggest disappointment from the whole meeting was the fact that there were so few people there. I ask my own pastor if he planned to attend the meeting and he's never even been invited. Our churches need to step up their game! How do we work and become strong in a community when they don't recognize the need to work together in our community. Check out our local paper sometime... they publish a page listing all of the churches in our area and it's an ENTIRE newspaper page. Where were these people yesterday? I realize that things come up, sometimes we have other conflicting obligations but REALLY! C'mon! My prayer request for the day would be to bring our churches together. Bring awareness to our pastors, make the Ministerial Alliance a stronger organization itself. Anyway..... off my soapbox now. Onto better things....

Our first meeting was successful because we did it. Regardless of the response or our feeling of disappointment it was a success because we are stepping out and speaking up. (It must be important! I wore a dress! *GASP*) lol :) Thanks girls for advocating with me.

After the meeting I headed home and before I got to the edge of town I decided I wasn't going down without accomplishing something positive in it all. I turned my car around and headed to city hall to speak to the mayor. :) Cathie took a few minutes from her schedule to sit and visit with me as I shared our vision and plans for the upcoming weeks. She was very excited and looking forward to working with us and helping in any way she can. Not just supporting, but advocating with us. :) Thank you Cathie! Our mayor used to work at the juvenile office for years when I worked for Family Services so we've known one another for YEARS (not to mention the fact my husband was the teacher's pet when her husband was the teacher for vo-tech and helped my hubby get a scholarship program in college). They always said it's not what you know but who you know and it pays to make friends with everyone. ;) But I'm sure Cathie would be willing to help even if she didn't know me because she has always been a huge advocate for children, adoption and the foster care system. We're looking forward to working with her. REALLY!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

[ Given Much ]

Everyone who knows me knows Haiti holds a HUGE piece of my heart. As I was preparing for a ministerial alliance meeting this morning look what I stumbled upon. I hope it makes you think.....more than twice.

Enjoy your day. It is filled with much.

Monday, October 12, 2009

[ What a Week--end ]

What a busy crazy week we had and then a difficult weekend. Lots of things happening at school this week, I had fun with the 7th & 8th grade at my son's school taking button pictures because we start basketball games next week! Woo Hoo!!!!!!!!! It's b-ball season! My favorite! I'm so excited to watch the kids play again and be the scorekeeper. I'm a bit territorial over my 'helping' duties. ;o) Some might say that's an understatement, but I'm not one of the some. lol Tyler got new basketball shoes and being an 'upperclassman' this year I'm anxious to watch, but also sad that it's his last year. He's growing up so fast too. Graduating from their little country school seemed like it would never happen. Now I'm watching as my second child becomes a young adult and it's bittersweet. Some days he will forever be a 5-yr-old (because yes, he acts like one and fights with his brother on that level), other days he might surprise you.

The 6 yr old had another field trip this week. His class went on a field trip to the fire station as it's national fire safety week. I'm sure he had a ball checking out the fire trucks and all the equipment. He's been there before actually and thought it was pretty cool. Since he's always been my 'assistant' until he started Kindergarten he went with me to take senior pictures of some boys in their gear that were volunteer firemen. He loved it then so I'm sure when they allowed him the 'grand tour' he was thrilled. I wish I wasn't missing out on these 'little' field trips though. But I know bigger ones will come and I'll be there for them. The parents don't really go on these weekly trips so I don't want to seem like an intruder but my heart breaks that I don't see him all day long anymore. I'd go to the nursing home with them and sing if they'd let me and to the dairy farm to watch them milk cows, and I can stop drop and roll with the best of them. :) But... he's growing up and doesn't need mom there for every second of his day.

My daughter shared her thoughts about fire safety week last night by sending me a lovely piece of flair for my facebook.... "Stop Drop and Roll doesn't work in Hell!" She always makes me laugh and smile. Even when she sports her 17-yr-old attitude on occasion she makes me deliriously proud and happy.

My oldest brother-in-law lost his wife this weekend. She had been having heart trouble and needed an unexpected surgery which in the end took her away. We didn't really know she was as sick as that, and (sorry to say) the brothers don't keep in contact as good as they should so we really never knew Alice that well. They were just married in April 2009 and my hubbie's brother hasn't been coping very well. Yesterday we spent 7 hours at his house. Sitting with him and just being there. We're all taking shifts. Talking with him throughout the day and listening at the same time has left me wondering how he managed to get to this point in his life. Let me explain....the boys grew up with a good background and faith. Raised in the church and their family has a strong faith. Yet somehow, among all the trials in his life he has forgotten who's in charge. God. My brother-in-law wants to have control so badly, and told his wife just that even though she corrected him. "God is in control and we have to prepare for what may happen." I know when we're faced with losing the most important person in our lives we'd like to take control and hold on tight. Ward off any enemies or harm that seems to lurk just around the corner. But ultimately we need to understand that God is in control and the best we can do is pray for understanding while His perfect plan is played out in our lives. For some the natural part of the grieving process is to question everything and wonder why and where God is in all of this sadness. That's where Monty is. Angry and sad and asking God why He took his wife away, why He didn't answer his prayers. I'm sad for my bro-in-law, but mostly scared and worried. Praying that he remembers his faith, remembers his God and comes back to Him quickly. So while you're sending up your prayers over the next few days, remember him with me. God knows who he is, and that he's hurting....God knows how to handle him.

Hebrews 13:5c
"I will never leave you, nor forsake you"

We listened as the funeral director went through his checklist of questions and watched clothes being prepared and caskets being decided on and were once again reminded of the mounting expense of a funeral. It's been almost 15 years since my mother-in-law died and I remember those decisions were all made by her. Who would officiate, who would sing, what songs she chose, the color of the casket. Right down to the last detail she took care of it herself, her boys were left with just their grieving and no other work to do. It got us talking a lot about our own relationship and things we want for ourselves. So much of our choices are alike, our thoughts are the same. It won't be 'me' in that body just lay me in a soft box (go with the economy model please!) and lay me in the ground. People tend to fixate I think too much on the body, preparing a perfect casket, just the right color, the softest pillow, the vault to keep the weight of the earth from crushing the casket. My money would be better spent helping someone rather than keeping an old wooden box dry that has nothing in it but a pile of bones. I told my husband not to grieve too much if I die before him because we both know I'll be having a party of my own. :) I don't want drab flower arrangements and a quiet funeral home, I want balloons and music and people coming in bright colored clothes. Black is so depressing. ;) Anyway.... you can see how it all got us to thinking. I have comfort and peace in our death. It won't be easy, but it will be HIS plan and not ours. I hope my bro-in-law recognizes this soon.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

[ Choose To Follow ]

Where He leads me I will follow. Will you? When you hear that still small voice in your head do you listen to it or discount it thinking it's just your imagination running wild or your subconscious asking things of you that you think are ridiculous? All God asks of us is our faithfulness to love Him and our obedience. Pretty simple really. Where will He lead you today?

Scroll down and turn off the audio player to hear this short video. You'll be glad you did.

Wherever it is, I pray you're listening.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

[ Joint Heirs ]

Today was an awesome day! I woke up with my head and my heart full, excited to meet with friends today. Friends with a heart like mine and a vision for something so incredible. After my trip to Haiti this summer so many things changed in my life. In my heart. My priorities changed, my lifestyle changed, my faith and my walk with God changed. I found new internet friends and have been reading and learning so much about adoption. I feel it's something God has placed in my heart for a purpose. Today, a part of that purpose was fulfilled.

I knew months ago about Joy's adoption of Jia and was so excited for her when they finally were able to bring their little girl home after years of adoption proceedings. I wanted to pick her brain, to soak up anything she was willing to share. I wanted others to find out about adoption and how wonderful it is. When I shared that idea with Joy she had told me she had the same ideas and felt led to do something. We decided to meet and talk about some things we had found and wanted to share with our churches to encourage others. The day before we decided to meet Melinda e-mailed Joy telling her how she had been praying and thinking of adoption so much lately and feeling led to share and do something. I've known Melinda since she was a little girl. Watching her grow, babysitting, playing games with her, riding the school bus home's incredible to see the woman she's become and her heart for orphans and the beautiful children she's adopted too. Joy told her to come with us to lunch. You can't tell me these things are just coincidence. My heart and my mind know better. God was leading us to one another for a greater purpose. Today, that purpose became "Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry".

We met for lunch and spent hours (literally!) discussing adoption and our visions for what's to come. We're planning events for National Adoption Awareness month (November) and Orphan Sunday (November 8th). It seems like everything that we think about, God is one step ahead of us leading and making it come so easily. I'm sure we'll experience obstacles (it's bound to happen), but right now it's amazing to see how His will is being fulfilled through us.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
James 1:27
Joy came up with the name for our new mission: "Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry", which Melinda and I thought was pretty awesome. We're all joint heirs in this world, heirs to God's kingdom. We have a ministry to share which is adoption that we all feel very strongly about. We're on a mission to see other families adopt. Placing orphans in families they so desperately need. Seeing our community grow and thrive with children of all races and nationalities. There are so many things in store for us..... so many plans. 147 Million Orphans, we intend to change that number.
Right now...our first objective is making sure our community is aware of National Adoption Month. Orphan Sunday is November 8th. We're meeting with our local ministerial alliance to share our message with local pastors who we hope in turn will share with their congregations on that Sunday. God's word and command for us to care for orphans. We're planning an open house for the same afternoon for local adoptive families to network and then we're inviting the community in to share information for anyone interested in adoption. I'm praying for this event and know that God will bring people to us. Already today when I called the local radio station to solicit airtime for advertising we were asked to be a 'news item' for their Open Line broadcast to introduce our cause to the community! How awesome is that?! We're stepping out in faith and God is making sure that others are listening. I can't tell you how exciting this afternoon has been for me.
I could ramble for hours and type for days but I don't want to spoil everything! So for now... my Thankful Thursday post concludes with a love I have for these two women God has placed in my life. Thankful for their friendship, their support, their heart and love for the orphan like mine. Today I am thankful that we share a vision and thankful that God is helping us to fulfil it.
My joint heirs.... Melinda, (me), and Joy.
See you next week girls! ♥