Sunday, August 16, 2009

[ Did You Serve? ]

It's Sunday evening and I'm wondering where my day went. It's always 'customary' around our house to relax on Sundays. We get up and go to church and Sunday School and then come home and enjoy our family time together. Wether it's watching a football game, a movie, taking a nap together or finding something to do outside. But it's a day of togetherness and a day of worship. But, as I sit here tonight I'm wondering what I did today to Serve Him. Sometimes I feel like my day is wasted. I want to make my Lord proud in all things that I do, my actions should be for his glory and to honor him. But I've felt so not-myself lately that today went by before I knew it was gone and I felt as though I had let Him down.

Sure, I got up went to church but this morning it wasn't something I looked forward to or even felt as if it was a chore. It just was. What happened to excitement and thrill of hearing a new message or feeling moved by the music or others' words of inspiration? We skipped Sunday School and came home. I made lunch (homemade pizza! Yep...again), and then spent my afternoon wanting to be left alone. I ate my lunch alone while watching the tail end of a movie that didn't impress me (least of all inspire me), I didn't encourage my kids in anything this afternoon. Taylor left with a friend to go to evening service at their church, Tyler has one again felt like the loner being the middle child and never knowing what's going on or feeling left out. Tanner spent his time with Dad and they went to the skate park this afternoon late to spend some time just getting out of the house I suppose. So, voila.... I was ultimately left alone. Just like I wanted, right? Wow... I guess I didn't want to really be alone after all. I began thinking of when i was my daughter's age, looking forward to going to church on Sundays with my boyriend (now my kids daddy), it was actually something I looked forward to and I could have been more encouraging to her. I remember having the 'only child' syndrome in my house and knowing how Tyler feels being left out of everything. It stinks. And, then I remembered what it was like feeling like a single parent in a two-parent household once upon a time. That really BITES. And, here I'd left Eric to feel like that single parent today. Yesterday went down the pooper and today wasn't any better for me.

So, while I'm sitting here alone I think of what I can do to serve today. To make Him proud and not feel like I wasted one of his glorious days for me. I decided to make my family dinner. Not just a coldcut sandwich and chips with dip. I love to cook and haven't done a really big meal in a while. So, I head to the kitchen. I love my kitchen. I wish it were bigger and brighter and had a freakin' window!, but I love it. :) Hmmm, what to cook. T-Bones, fresh corn on the cob, garlic oven fries, fresh cucumbers.....yep, that'll do it. A bit starchy but what the heck. Some of my family's favorite things. So, while I'm cooking started thinking of what these things remind me of. My all-time favorite cooking magazines are Cook's Country and America's Test Kitchen. Awesome recipes and the pages and pictures make me think of my Pappy's house and how Mammie used to cook. I don't remember her, but I remember him and the house and the retro furniture and the big giant coffee can full of crayons they kept for us in the living room and the red velvet curtains in the house. I miss that.

These magazines are from the same parent company I believe and the same editors. Check out their websites and get a free issue (actually several free issues!) of different cooking magazines. They're awesome and you'll love them!

Eric's favorite recipe from my magazines is Garlicky Oven Fries. He's been hooked since the first time I made them, and I've learned to modify recipes to suit our tastes. Or at least his.... he's not as much of a garlic fan as I am. ;) lol These are super simple and yummy! You can see the ingredients if you click on the pic. My simple solution. I nuke my 'taters for about 5 minutes to get them somewhat cooked around the edges and then cut them into chunks about a 1/4". I put the corn starch, salt, pepper and garlic powder in a plastic bag, toss the 'taters in and shake it up till they are all coated. Oil my pan, spread them out and bake away! :) It makes it much quicker and less garlicky than using real garlic minced. That's totally yummy, but not Eric's fav. I'm hoping he'll be a little excited when he gets home. Or at least in a better mood after eating that we can enjoy our evening together.

Throw in some home-grown corn on the cob and what could be better? Did I mention I love my kitchen? I love some of my antique pots and pans and bowls too. This pan makes me think of my grandad, and the 70's. :) How he used to cook in his kitchen with a dish towel thrown over his shoulder, one tied around his waste for an apron and the whistle of the pressure cooker while he sliced up raw turnips for us to eat together. How can a pot provoke such memories?

Well, did I make you hungry? I've got my family home again, they ate and we're spending our evening together. We're watching the food network. lol :) The cake challenge show. Tyler is designing a cake to make next week and we'll do it together. My hubby has his belly full and in a better mood. I'm hoping that in some way I've served Him by serving my family. There are so many more things I could have done today. So many more ways I could have served Him. Just worshiping and praising my Lord doesn't seem like enough at times. I'm hoping tomorrow I do more to share Him with others. Hopefully today I shared Him with my family by serving them.

Still trying to get used to my new glasses and those annoying little blue pills. Maybe that's why I'm feeling out of sorts today. That's at the top of my prayer list. To somehow figure out this dizziness in my head and the headaches that seem to linger.

Tell me, what did you do today to serve Him? I hope your Sunday was better than mine.


  1. I actually came across that has a huge variety of Retro Furniture with really good prices.

  2. I checked out that site and it's some serious indulgence! If I had the money I'd have a ton of that furniture just for photo props for my studio! Seriously!!! LOVE IT! Thanks for the link.