Saturday, August 15, 2009

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That's just how I feel today. We had such big plans, and you know what they say about the best laid plans. Well, ours flopped too. We didn't get headed out to KC as soon as we had hoped. Taylor had worked all night and didn't get home until around 1 a.m. (thank goodness her dad went after her because I was out like a light!), we weren't quite sure if the boys would go on our trip to the city or not. I had told Taylor we'd spend the day together as just us girls and doing some of her senior pics. She had forgotten that we'd set today aside just for her, and unfortunately my little episode with vertigo has left me depending on everyone else to drive me around. I'm okay to head to town for groceries etc., but long trips have me a little leery. Dad agreed to go with us (reluctantly) and the boys of course couldn't stay home that long without killing one another. They were going to go to the show while sissy and I played.

Well, that was the plan anyway. Eric hates to leave to go anywhere without having a schedule to follow and he's definitely not a spontaneous person. He wanted to leave early this morning so we could be back early this afternoon. We left around 1-ish and got home around 8 p.m. Which to me, isn't bad at all! Taylor wasn't ready to go any sooner, she's a later riser. Long story short, our trip didn't start out pretty, and ended fairly quiet. We kicked the guys out at the movie (G-Force) decided our fun was spoiled so we postponed senior pics yet again. :( I think that was more disappointing for me than Taylor. We went to get my new glasses at Lenscrafters and decided to go clothes shopping for the one-hour wait. She got a few new things for school (and pictures--if we ever get them done), got the boys a couple of shirts for school. Old Navy took part of our dough and we found a new store...Delia's! Very cute stuff! Plus we got $10 off just for trying on a pair of jeans! I don't know if that is just for this weekend or if it lasts until the sale is over on September 9th, but it's worth checking out! Hey, ten bucks is ten bucks! Just as we got to the bookstore (our favorite place on planet earth) Daddy called and the movie was over and they were ready to be picked up. So there went our day. We stopped to eat at Olive Garden on the way home. No one in our family (except me) had ever eaten there. They agreed it was worth a second return visit someday.

So, now I'm just surfin' the net (with my new glasses), curled up in my sweats and a fuzzy blankie (it rained okay... too much rain and a/c makes me chilly!),

I'm ready for some fall football weather! Tanner is rockin' the house with some major hip hop moves ;) lol, Daddy is watching pre-season football and the older kids went to hideout in their rooms. Aahhhh Teenagers. :)

Tanner has been begging since he saw the previews to go see G-Force and today he got his wish. I've heard "get your face out of my butt" so many times I swear he could memorize the entire movie. That and "poop in his hand! poop in his hand!" Oiy... and Kindergarten starts in two days?! I hope he learns how to control his sense of humor and his little mouth before school starts. I think the 'cuteness' wore off about a year ago...

So, while I'm surfin the web, I come across this little jewel I think Tanner needs. Looks like a great shirt for a 5-yr-old wouldn't you agree?Seriously have to find some more goodness at their website: Chasing Fireflies
I came across their site from another bloggie friend who ordered a halloween costume for her daughter. MAJOR cuteness! Seriously! I wish I had small kids again just to shop for some of their useless stuff! I *big puffy heart* this stuff! Yep...I'm feeling the need to do something domestic! Do I torture the Cricut Machine or the sewing machine?

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