Friday, August 7, 2009

[ Please Pray ]

Not everyone feels the plight for orphans and children/families around the world that we've been enlightened to over the summer. Our lives have changed so this year. So much for the better and positive, but our minds and our hearts have been opened to things beyond our backyard.

A bloggie friend posted on her blog this week about an orphanage where she has family working with children in Uganda and four of the boys were kidnapped from the orphanage in the night. Most likely for child trafficking and slave trade. They were ages 4-12. Can you imagine being alone in the world at the age of four and enduring so much pain, confusion and loss? Please pray for these boys. In a perfect world, they would be returned unharmed. Of course, in a purely perfect world they would not be orphaned to begin with. But learning to trust and hope in someone, finding a place of refuge from the wild world they live in and then being stripped away only to be abused and neglected could only be short of hell for a 4 year old. (in my mind at least). I know I can't carry the burden of the world. But I can pray. God's ears must be burning lately from my little lifeline in the world. I hold fast in his faithfulness and strength. He's got big ears and broad shoulders. :) You can read more about the boys' and the orphanage and the mission supporting them by clicking here.

The young boy in the gray shirt on the right was one of the boys kidnapped. The boy next to him in the green shirt had the misfortune to witness it all and has been traumatized and needs prayer also. Look at those faces. Doesn't it just melt your heart. God created these boys, just like He did my boys. I wish I could do more...

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