Thursday, August 27, 2009

[ Thankful Thursday ♥ My Baby Turns 17! ]

Today is Thankful Thursday and I have so much to be thankful for! Today is my baby's 17th birthday. It seems like those 17 years went by in the blink of an eye and now I have this beautiful young woman living in my house. She's mostly someone I consider to be one of my best friends, and some days she makes me wonder why hormone replacement therapy isn't started at puberty. :) I can't imagine what my life would have been like without her. From the first moment I found out she existed till today I have loved her with all my heart.

I knew she 'existed' before anyone else would believe me. I'd had two separate pregnancy tests ran at the local health department where we lived and they still kept telling me I wasn't pregnant. I argued that their tests must be outdated. They continued to try and 'explain' to me that I had fooled my body into thinking I was pregnant because I wanted to be so badly. I had tricked myself into skipping periods, having swollen breasts, peeing constantly and being so exhausted I was falling asleep at my desk at work. Yep.... it was all in my head. NOT! By the time I had a real doctor confirm my dreams come true I was about 2 months pregnant. And of course by that time I was being lectured as to why I hadn't come to the doctor sooner and wasn't on prenatal vitamins and caring for myself better. Geez.... I wonder why?!

Most people say they can remember the day their children were born. But how vividly can you remember? Little things can trigger those memories. I have things come back to my mind like they are happening now, or I'm living those moments. The smell of the hospital room, the sound of monitors and beeping noises, (and here's a gross one for you....) even the smell of TUCKS. Yep, those medicated pads they give you to sooth those nice episiotomies. (did I even spell that right?) Who cares, we all know what I'm talking about.

Now when she washes her hair and I still get to tuck her in at night, I can smell the clean scent of her shampoo and it reminds me of the baby shampoo and lotion when she was tiny. She always smelled so yummy. How did she grow up on me? On August 27, 1992 I gave birth to a beautiful, 9 wopping pound baby girl. She was perfect. She was CHUBBY! She was perfect.

Okay, so maybe her dad and I were the only ones to think she was the most beautiful princess on the planet. ;) Her papaw says she was a funny looking baby. So chubby her eyes were just little slits. Did I mention I thought she was perfect? ;) lol
So it took her a few months and she began to grow into her bulge. Chubby babies are so much cuter to me than skinny babies. They're just so loveable and squeezable! She became more and more beautiful with each passing day. And, lucky for her sincer her momma became a photographer....she enjoyed having her picture taken!
Okay, so she liked pictures, but had her limits. We had pictures taken together on this day and she had tons taken alone. When she turned around and "Mommy, go peez" and gave me a big kiss I knew it was time to leave. Lucky for me, the lovely KMart photographer (aka...the college kid they taught to click a remote button) was on his toes that day. Because of course, this was the one shot momma couldn't live without. I'll never forget that moment. And did I mention she still lets me tuck her in every night and give her goodnight kisses? She's the best daughter anyone could ever ask for.
This was her very first birthday party. She began walking on her own the day before. Her roley poley little legs wobbled all over the park that day. She was so happy to see so many people there just for her. And you mean they brought me presents too?! She was so overwhelmed. It was a wonderful day. And if you know my daughter now, it's hard to believe that very first birthday cake was pink and had Minnie Mouse in a dress with a little pink car. She definitely outgrew the girlie stage VERY quickly. :)
And became my tomboy, aggie. I never dreamed when I had her that the time would go so quickly. One minute you're wondering when they'll talk and walk, and the next minute you're taking them for their driver's test.
Today I'm thankful for my Taylor. One of my best friends. God blessed me with a daughter that has made me so very proud and I hope I have raised her the way He would want and in a way that makes Him as proud of her as I am.
Along with growing up, comes spreading your wings and it's hard to let go and share her with everyone else in the world. She left for school this morning at 6:30 and I sent her a balloon and some candy to school from her dad and I and her brothers. She managed to come home long enough to change clothes for a 'Back-to-School Bash' for ag class around 5:30 and was gone again before 6. It's 9:15 and I'm still sitting here wondering where the day went (not to mention the last 17 years!), because I want to hear all about her day and tell her how much I love her.
Thank you God....for another awesome day on your earth. Thank you God.... for my precious gift of Taylor Renae. I don't deserve her, but I'm so very glad you entrusted me with her. I pray everyday for her to grow in your spirit Lord, and to become a woman that is pleasing to you. I pray for her to find friends and a mate in life that holds her only second to you Father. To share a Christian life with and love with and make you proud.

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