Monday, February 1, 2010

[ Arrested? ]

*warning* I tend to ramble, lots of random thoughts today.....

No, not me.... (thank goodness!) lol The 10 Americans arrested in Haiti for trying to cross the border with 33 children. Remarkable.... I still remain a bit confused as to why people don't understand or at least research the government and the way a country is run before jumping in to save them. It was a terrific idea, just implemented wrong. Things like this happening are why they crack down on adoption. Their world, their government does not operate like ours. You have to understand the difference in culture and mentality before trying to save the world.

Anywho... no need to get into all that. All my friends could tell you, no one is more anxious to adopt than me but there is a reality to the world of adoption and laws and guidelines must be followed, for any country. Whether we think they are right and just or not. Sometimes life's just not fair. We work to change it, but please remember to choose your steps wisely. I hope everything goes well for those Americans who will be going to court today.

And, on a brighter note! Our friends Leslie and Chris (in-country missionaries in Haiti) have been given the go ahead to fly their daughter out to 'home'. How awesome! They just celebrated their daughter's second birthday and have had to remain in the country with her since they were blessed with her as an infant. Due to adoption laws in Haiti..... it's been pretty rough lately for them seeing all the other children united with their families in America and not being able to finalize their adoption they've been working on for years in-country. I could hear the excitement and joy in Leslie's words as I read her blog update. I'm so happy for them!

My daughter recorded a movie this weekend that we watched last night. The Great Debaters. Awesome movie about the beginning of the Civil Rights Legislation, if you haven't seen it go rent it or find it on TV. I think it's been on several times this month. I had never heard of it before and it stars Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker. I thought I'd caught all of Denzel's movies, he's one of my favorite actors! But this was one I hadn't seen. Glad my daughter brought it to my attention! (click the link to see the trailer, then go watch the movie already!)
So.... it's a good Monday. I'm looking forward to accomplishing a lot of work this week. Maybe clean the house a little (maybe being the key word in that sentence), and actually I'm hoping this week flies by because I'm looking forward to Sunday again! I so enjoyed church yesterday. It feels good to find 'home' again and it just made my entire day and my outlook on this week so positive.

Joy and I have some planning to do this week too. We're starting a women's Bible study and I'm anxious to see how that grows over the next few weeks. Not exactly sure where we're even going to start studying yet but we're having a 'planning luncheon' today. Wish us luck! I'll share a link soon with updates and study guides so if anyone is interested you can join in from your home computer. =) It should be interesting to see where it leads us. But beware... I was recently labeled "one of those religious fanatics". I'm not sure if that was an insult or a compliment. But I'm leaning toward the latter. I guess spreading the good news is not something 'average' people do anymore. So, if that makes me a fanatic, then yeah me! ♥

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