Saturday, January 30, 2010

[ The Frog Prince ]

Yes, "The Frog Prince", not the princess and the frog. However I do want to see that Disney movie! :o) Ever since I saw the first preview it's been one of those that I know will be a favorite for many years to come.

My son had to turn in his book-it form this week for school in order to earn his pizza certificate through Pizza Hut. Well, we were a little lax in keeping up with our reading schedule due to a few 'distractions'. (i.e. CNN and Haiti) Anywho....we spent one night reading half a dozen books and one of them was The Frog Prince. We all know the story right, princess loses her golden ball in the well, frog retrieves it for her because she promises him all the riches she has. She lies to frog, frog follows her to palace, tattles to her daddy the king and he enforces his fatherly duty to make her uphold the promises to frog.

Now... here's where it went south for me. I was expecting the ending we all know and love, she kisses the frog and he becomes a prince. They live happily ever after.

My son's book doesn't tell of the kiss. Instead, the Princess drop kicks the frog against her wall!!! Are you kidding me?! When he's drop kicked and hits the wall he turns into a prince.

Now, I don't know about you but if I were that frog, her kickin my slimey butt against a brick wall would certainly seal the deal for me. Spending eternity with that wicked little princess would be out of the question! I'm just curious as to what category this falls into?

Are we being politcally correct or just mean and selfish with a spiteful spirit? Is it really so wrong to introduce one simple kiss in a children's book? Those are the tiny seeds inspiring a hopeless romantic. Teaching a spirit of love and forgiveness. Is it so wrong to teach a child of a simple kiss that we would rather replace it with a drop kick? An act of spite and meanness?

Yes, I may sound like I'm ranting and raving....carring on about a silly topic written in a children's book. I'm just old fashioned and wonder why old fashioned values, old fashioned stories...old fashioned chivalry....why does it have to die? ;o)

My son is 6 and even he said, "That's not how it's supposed to go mom." He thinks kissing is still yucky and tells his dad and I to "get a room!" when he witnesses simple little pecks. :o) But he's growing up with a sense of how to show love and affection and to care in the simplest form.

Maybe I'm just a drama queen lately (I've even been labeled 'one of those religious fanatics' this week! lol A step up in my opinion.) ;o) but gosh darnit! The frog is supposed to get his kiss, not a drop kick! Poor frog... or maybe I'm just sensitive because my husband's nickname was Toad in high school and I used to have little frog prince stickers in my locker and on my notebooks where the princess kisses the frog. He turned into my prince charming.... I think it's time for a book burning!!!! LOL (I hope you all can hear the sarcasm in my voice. I'm laughing out loud, literally.) Somebody go kiss a frog already!

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