Tuesday, February 2, 2010

[ Trafficking ]

Yep, I'm back to beat that dead horse. I keep reading and the saw a news clip on CNN regarding the ten Americans in the Haitian jail. And I gotta tell ya, the more I read and research the angrier it makes me.

The first time I read an article on this when they were arrested it sounded like a big misunderstanding. It stated that this was a church group who had a previously established an orphanage in Haiti that they organized and had been building a new orphanage in the DR (Dominican Republic). They had recently finished the one in the DR and wanted to transfer these children to the new facility and it was all very innocent and they didn't realize they needed further paperwork from what they currently had.

The more I read, the more aggravated I become. (I think this may be why I never used to pay attention to the news!) lol CNN has a video news clip where parents of these children were interviewed. They actually took their children to these missionaries under false pretenses. They were misled into believing the positive promises for their children's futures. Don't even get me started on how much a parent has to love a child to forgo their own happiness for the betterment of their child's future. That's a love I can't even begin to fathom and yet these people deal with this on a daily basis. For them to be lied to and take their children.... well, it's just plain wrong.

No matter how you look at it, whether they had the best of intentions or not, a little common sense should prevail and just because we're Americans doesn't mean our way is always the best or right way. You can't undermine a government because you think you have a better plan or process. It's trafficking plain and simple if the children were taken under false pretense.

Now, this leads me to another point which is exactly why the governments of countries like Haiti tend to crack down on their adoption system. These are the reasons there are such strict and long-term guidelines in place, so many hoops to jump through. It's frustrating at best and when a group of Americans (missionaries/church groups no less) are arrested for trafficking it sure doesn't make things any better for those already dealing with the adoption process, nor the missionaries that continue to travel to the country to do positive and Godly missions. Argh!

People wonder why the church gets a 'bad name'. It's groups like this that go in the name of the church. I'm compelled to not believe anything this group of Americans has to say anymore. Of course it's media coverage that we have to go on so you have to take everything with a grain of salt. But when there are so many conflicting stories, even from the Americans themselves. It's hard to believe they were doing what was best for the children without having some type of motive. I pray that God will provide insight where it's needed and the children's best interests will be top priority. I hope these children can be reunited with their families, their parents. I pray their parents find peace and comfort and some understanding for the whole ordeal.

I urge you, if you are with a group, traveling with a leader or sponsor of some kind, to still ALWAYS use your own mind. Your common sense. That little voice inside your head. If something seems wrong or not quite right there is probably a reason. God gave you a free will and mind of your own, USE THEM!!!! Feel free to question authority at this level. Otherwise you may find yourself on the other end.... with the authorities questioning you! Ay yi yi.....

What do you think?

Now....on another note. Does anyone participate in or know anything about WMU? (besides you Diane!) lol :o) I've discussed it with you, just wanting any and all input on topics, etc. Website looks interesting, I just keep researching and reading. I'm terrible when it comes to click click click.... because I'm like the energizer bunny. I just keep going and going and going! lol

I also found bible studies from Kelly Minter. Has anyone does any of these studies and what were your thoughts? They look awesome! I ordered a study from Amazon and will have it tomorrow. It looks great, but I'm always on the lookout. Will share with you later what I think of it.

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