Thursday, February 4, 2010

[ Because I Said So... ]

How many times have you told your kids to do this or do that, and it's all 'because I said so'. Where did we get the notion that we knew what was best for our children? From our parents? From society's role model? (whatever that may be these days...) From our own maternal instincts that we somehow believe God places there?

I saw a photo this morning as I'm reading through my blogs of love and it started the wheels spinning. I doubt that I will ever again tell my children to do some of the following (however I'm human so on the days I slip I hope God reminds me of just how silly I may be).

My list of things NEVER to tell my children again....(with visual aids) ;o)

  • Please pick your toys up and put them away! I don't know why we ever bought you so many.... just pick them up already! Because I said so.
  • Stop trying to drink from the faucet and just get a glass. This seems odd because I don't mind when they drink from the water hose in the summertime. Go figure. Or....don't drink from the carton because it's just dirty and germy! You're doing nothing but sharing your germs with the rest of us who don't want them. Because I said so.
  • Some days I wish we had a different/bigger/nicer/smaller/in a different location house. This one just isn't right for us anymore. Hmmm..... that one doesn't even need to be a because I said so. Someone needs to smack me.
  • Just get ready for school and stop grumbling about it! You should be happy to go to school and learn new things. Because it's just what you have to do. It's your job. Because I said so. (I have to remind myself of the thousands of children who would find it an honor and a privilege to be ALLOWED to attend school....)

  • You seriously cannot wear the same clothes you had on yesterday. Just go change them already! Your shirt/shorts/pants/socks/underwear are filthy. I can't let you go out in public like that, your grandmother would have a fit. Because I said so....
And last, but certainly not least because I could do this all day long and never be done.....
Stop eating with your fingers. It's bad manners. I realize God gave you fingers before he gave me a fork but please just use it because it's rude to eat like a pig. Heaven forbid we go out to eat and you would start playing in your food with your fingers. People would think I didn't teach you anything.Most of these photos were taken from Tom Davis' sight where I send a donation every month. My link on my sidebar was broken and it lead me to fix my widget this morning. Which lead to a very long and drawn out discussion with God and keeping my feet on the ground. Some days we just need to be smacked up side the head. Some days we deserve to be. I was reminded of this after I got onto my son this morning for not wanting to change his underwear (the boys is 6....what harm can come of him wearing them two days in a row). ;o)

Little things like taking a bath, or putting on shoes we so take for granted and it breaks my heart. I always knew these kinds of situations existed (or at least had some sort of idea...) and then when my eyes were opened it creates a startling realization in you that never EVER goes away.

I'd love to just once wear the dirtiest clothes I could find in my laundry pile (and we're farm could get ugly), go without my shoes, wipe a little dirt on my face and take my family out to eat. Imagine the stares and snickers that would be directed at us. But for a moment, think if this is how our society, our own community would treat us, how would they treat anyone else they encountered in the world who was just the same? Rather than point a finger, lend a hand. Make a difference in someone's life. Even if it's only that $5 per month through an organization like It makes a BIG impact for someone's world.

My day will be just a bit sweeter today knowing that it's just not THAT important. There are bigger things to worry about. Like how I'm ever going to get to all these places in the world I want to go and hug and love on and help feed so many children. Ay yi yi.....

The LEAST we can do everyday is pray God's blessings up on them. Because I know for a fact, he has blessed us beyond measure.

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