Saturday, February 20, 2010

I'm Rich

Yep, today I'm rich!! How do you define rich? The dictionary of course defines it by ones worth. Wealth, luxury, social prestige and privilege. My Lent study challenge today....defining RICH.

My definition of rich is far from that. And believe me, it's been a struggle teaching it to our children through the years. Thinking their friends at school are rich because of their big fancy houses, their nice new cars, the gaming systems and countless cell phones (before cell phones were ever so popular). Teaching our children that riches come not from possessions but love. Our love for one another, our love for and from the Lord. Our love of fun and spending time together. I'm rich beyond measure.

My children are healthy. School comes easily to them, there's no struggle in studies or frustration from lack of understanding when it comes to their homework. And believe me I have friends that this is not the case and oh the times I've prayed for their sanity and patience with their children.

My husband and I have our health (for the most part....he claims he's getting old) lol. Up until this past summer when I had a case of the dizzies that turned out to be a side effect from some vitamins, I had never once spent time in the hospital other than to give birth to my children. I'll be 40 this year. I have friends and family that have had numerous health issues, surgeries, taking regular medications.

We've most always been able to pay bills and provide for ourselves with necessities of food and shelter (and yes, even the splurges of cable television, cell phones, etc.).

We are blessed. We have a paper stuck to our refrigerator that, basically summed up, says that we dare not complain about earthly things for our Heavenly Father gave such a great sacrifice for our souls. How dare we complain. Isn't His grace enough? It's more than sufficient! I've always loved reading that over and over. It's been on our fridge for over 10 years.

My riches can be found in my header image. Three children and my wonderful husband. Yes, I think he's pretty wonderful. Even the days when I want to call him ugly names. I know I am his greatest love and am second only to God in his life. I can't ask for more than that.

Don't get me wrong. We've had our share of troubles, misfortune and heartbreak. But overall our lives are blessed.

As I traveled to Haiti and saw people with so little..... no shelter, no food on a regular basis, no clean could they laugh and smile so at times I wondered. Then it dawns on you. Our families are what makes us rich. The exact things I try to teach and instill in my children I was seeing in action. They have the love of God and their families and children. Of course they smile and laugh. But that alone shouldn't keep us from helping to make their lives even richer with the blessings we can share with them.

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