Friday, February 12, 2010

Olives for Haiti & Movie Night

That's a funny title huh! I guess it's not really Olives for Haiti.... but Wild Olive Tees is doing a fundraiser that is Hope for Haiti. =) You can read about it on their blog HERE.

100% of the proceeds from the sale of the HOPE t-shirt will go to benefit the people of Haiti, through the help of Eyes Wide Open International.

They are even giving away some t-shirts as a way to promote this shirt and it's cause. If you share the information with your bloggy friends and post a comment on Wild Olive's Blog you can earn entries to get a free t-shirt. So go check 'em out!!! If you don't win one, buy one! Or two...or three.... or four! Share them with your friends and family. It's an awesome cause!

And considering today marks one month from the day of the earthquake it's certainly a way to remember the needs of the people of Haiti. We must continue to keep this cause at the forefront of our minds and continue to support and help in any way possible. The fight isn't over.... the suffering isn't over. The support and love shouldn't stop either.

Now.... on another note! It's been a while since I've posted a must see movie. But I have a new one to add to the list! If you watched the Fireproof movie and felt inspired or encouraged there is a new movie (actually not really new, was released last month on DVD) along the same lines. It's a Christian film about marriage, love and how God wants us to treat our spouse. No Greater Love This could be a great movie to watch with your sweetie for Valentine's Day. You can rent it or rent to view online. You can see the trailer at the link by clicking on the title of the movie I just typed. There is even a free downloadable Bible Study to go along with the movie so you can implement it for small group study, bible study or marriage enrichment through your church.
I must warn you.... after watching the video trailer, I was suckered into watching the 30 minute teaser. I should have known better but I couldn't resist. Anything for free right?! NOT! Thirty minutes into a movie is not a good place to stop! I had to see it NOW! So after I watched the teaser I went to my Amazon account and rented it for $3.99 and watched it through my video library.

As much as I enjoyed Fireproof, this one was better. Fireproof seemed like a low budget film and while it had a great message it was hard to keep my interest up. No Greater Love is no awesome production that will win awards for video but the story is incredible. The message and the ending will keep you on the edge of your seat. Sometimes you don't even see what's coming. I laughed and I cried. I think this may be one of those must haves to add to our video collection here at home.


  1. Thanks for posting this...I am going to try and watch this with my hubby today!!!!! So glad to have found your blog...such a sweet place that brings glory to Him!!!

  2. Thanks Andrea! Been following your blog for a while! Thanks for stopping by. =) Hope you have a blessed Valentine's day with your family.