Monday, February 8, 2010

[ Thank you! ]

I wanted to shout out a big thank you to those who supported our efforts to raise funds for our missionary friends in Haiti! You know who you are and your generosity is appreciated more than you can imagine. Through the Chip-In box and personal donations we received locally we raised over $450! Woo Hoo!!! Merci Jezi! =)

I have removed the 'Chip-In' box from my website due to a paypal issue where they froze my account and would not release the funds to forward them to the mission groups. If you made a donation and received it as a refund, you were also sent an e-mail and provided a link to send donations through the Clean Water for Haiti site with instruction on how to get it directly to Chris and Leslie. =) The banks have again opened and it is easier for them to obtain needed money. We were attempting to send cash in to them through other missionaries traveling into the country.
So...... in order to release the freeze on my paypal account that I actually need for my business please do not send me any further donations! :) Thanks, but no thanks! lol PLEASE, feel free to continue supporting Clean Water for Haiti and Chris and Leslie by sending your donations HERE and specify in your notes section for your funds to go to Chris and Leslie Rollings family.

Again, we appreciate your support and hope you continue to pray for Haiti. You can still view updates on what Chris and Leslie are doing through their blog HERE. Thanks again! God bless you all!

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