Tuesday, January 5, 2010

[ Kids Say the Darndest Things... ]

Not only do they say the darndest things...they do some of the most off the wall stuff to go with it. Oiy.

My six year old is a riot sometimes. He says the most hilarious things, does some crazy stuff and it all comes from being a 'bonus baby' with two teenage siblings. Yes, God has a sense of humor and I think he sprinkled a little of it in my son before He sent him to us. =) I've been telling myself I wanted to keep a diary of all the crazy things he does but it slips my mind and of course we get busy and I forget to write them down. So, today really topped them all and I had to blog a few things because hopefully I will NEVER forget these.
He has wrestling practice every Tuesday and Thursday night and tonight I was taking memory mate pictures of the kids. It's fun being the only photographer in town at times, because things like this sure make it easy to have my own kids' pictures taken. ;o) lol Anyway, after every wrestling practice it's a cardinal rule that you shower and use head and shoulders or selsun blue to avoid getting ringworm (Lord I hope he gets bored with this sport....). As he's showering tonight he hollers at me,

"MoM! I think I cracked my chin, it's bleeding!" So I get up to go check on him and sure enough, there's blood running down his chin.

"Did you scratch yourself?"

"Yeah, I think so...."

"How did you scratch yourself?" as I spy from the corner of my eye...my razor.

"I don't know..."

"Did you cut yourself shaving? Were you trying to shave?"

"Umm.... (as he's looking away)....no"

"Tanner, don't lie. If you were shaving it's better to just tell me. It's no big deal, but you know you'll be in trouble if you are lying."

"Yeah.... I was shaving."

"Well, that's how you cut your chin goofball. You're not old enough to shave. From now on, let's say we don't try to shave until you are old enough to have a beard like daddy okay?"

"Okay.... Can I have a band-aid?!" =)

He has a fascination with band-aids so of course when he finished his shower, we put some antibiotic cream on his chin and a big fat bandaid. You know, the kind that you use on your knees. We don't have any of the itty bitty ones left. They seem to mysteriously disappear around here. lol
Our first official shaving accident. Which I'm thankful it wasn't any worse, because I just put a new razor in the shower last week. And we all know what it feels like to get cut with a new razor. Poor kid. The even funnier part of our story was that he turned the 'old country' radio station on when he got in the shower and was singing, "You picked a fine time to leave me Lucille...."

Oh how I love this little boy.

Some of his more recent funnies from the last couple of weeks include his Christmas quest. When we were discussing adoption again, he said I just needed to tell it to Santa because whenever you tell Santa what you want he always brings it. Just tell him I wanted another kid.

Yep....that'll do it Tanner. ;o)

He's been watching hours on end of football with his dad over the last week or so too (as you can imagine). He's going to be a big jock when he grows up. He's watching a game with daddy (the Chiefs and the Bengals) and as he races back to the living room from getting a snack in the kitchen he wants to know "Who's ahead now dad? The Chiefs or the Bagels?" Never a dull moment...

And of course, this list would not be complete without knowing that he has an Elvis curl to his lip when he looks at me and says, "Hey pretty momma..... Can I have some chocolate milk?"

What's the funniest thing your little one has said lately? I love comments. Please share your funnies!


  1. Love this post!
    One of the funniest things my 2 year old says is when she calls Sleeping Beauty "Sleeping Booty". :)

  2. Thank you for this post. My daughter is now 12 going on 19, so it is good to reflect back on some of the funny things she has said. Not that she doesn't say funny things anymore, but being the pre teen that she is the times are fewer and fewer.....so...I could have a long list however one of the best moments was after my Dad had a minor fall on the stairs, no injuries, just one of those funny falls we all have, anyway later that night my girl asked " Grandpa, what is your favorite season.......is it FALL????????" hahahah...loved it. Just one of the may. CC

  3. Sleeping Booty is a classic. ;) My daughter used to say that too! And now that she's 17, she caught me the other day I'm was getting grumpy over something and I ask her if she heard me because I didn't think she was paying attention and she said "10-4 Rubber Duckie!" LOL :o)