Tuesday, January 12, 2010

[ The Laughs Keep Comin' ]

I'm tellin' ya, my 6 year old needs his own blog. It would make money I swear. People would flock to his sense of humor.

I posted before about some of his funny sayings. Well, the other day we were getting ready to have breakfast and he wanted pancakes. One of his favorites, and of course his dad tends to spoil him so he had made a special trip to the store to get more mix and 'the good syrup'. While I'm mixing and flipping I couldn't help but wonder what was going through his little mind as he has his elbows on the table, quietly studying the syrup bottle.... reading (or trying to read) maybe??? Then out of the blue, he looks up and says, "Mom, how come dad got the one that doesn't talk?" He had been studying Mrs. Butterworth looking for an 'on button' I suppose. I tried desperately not to laugh because he's serious as a heart attack. So I said, "Hmmm.... I don't know. Leave it to dad to get the wrong syrup. Why don't you go ask him?"

I could hear him as he entered the living room accusing his dad of buying the wrong bottle, dad informing him of the great disappointment that Mrs. Butterworth really doesn't talk, it's just a commercial. As he returns to the kitchen he announces to me, "Well, I guess she's dead......."

Now tell me, how do you keep a straight face for a kid like this who is serious as a heart attack every time he speaks! LOL :o)

Moving right along...... On Saturday he had his first wrestling tournament. We knew it was coming. I just wondered how his dad would handle it more than my son. I didn't expect him to win right off the bat, after all he'd never wrestled before and this was his first year and we'd only been to about 6-8 practices. Of course, being the biased mom that I am realize he is rather gifted at all things sport so there was hope. ;o)

We went through the usual bout of first jitters, nervous trips to the bathroom to poop (thank goodness that came after weigh-ins! lol) and then we wait....

Dad took him to get the bracket and as a round robin tournament he would wrestle three rounds. Well, he actually got a bye for his first round (which automatically gives him a win). As he's coming back up the bleachers where I'm sitting with his dad following behind I notice a look on his face that seems concerned, and just a bit confused. He stops in front of me, hands on his hips and says,

"Mom, I can't believe I have to pay the first time....."

"What Tanner?"

And of course you never want to say what to the boy because he comes back with "you heard me"....

He heard the word bye, but it registered in his little brain as buy and he just couldn't figure out why on earth they would make him pay to play. LOL

He has another tournament this coming Saturday. We'll see if we have to pay for anymore rounds or not. ;o)

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