Saturday, January 23, 2010

[ The 'Good ole USA' ]

I've been wondering what to post to my blog for the last few days. Many things ring through my mind and stories I need to write. This morning I was upset again by a comment made on facebook about the situation in Haiti. A comment replying to bringing attention to the telethon for Haiti and the stars helping out. Someone actually posted "woopie doo"!!! And then went on to explain their disgust at the help Haiti is receiving, how with all the aid they will become bigger and better than us and bomb us like Iraq, that their tax dollars were sent by Obama so they have done their part, and how we need to help those right here in "the good 'ole USA". I swear if I hear this one more time I may burst!!!!! After much thought this was my response. I may have several friends on facebook but know it will be read here by many more people. Heck, I may not have so many friends left on facebook now.....

Wow.... I forget that some people still have this attitude. Even though I keep trying to explain it to those that pose the same questions directly to me. We are commanded to care for widows and orphans, the weak... it's in the bible, repeatedly. We are told to "Go therefore and make disciples of ALL the nations" Matthew 28:19

I believe that God lays upon all of our hearts different people and situations that we need to be the hands of feet of Jesus to. Some are drawn or called to China, Africa, Mexico, HAITI and yes, some are called to help right here in the good 'ole USA. We all need to do our part to help fellow man. When I hear people make this comment I wonder what exactly they have done to help those here in the USA. Don't proclaim a call to action if you aren't willing to do something or give to help those who need it.

It's people's ignorance to a situation and their prejudice toward a people they may have never met that breeds hatred among people and nations. And let me clarify (as I seem to offend this week....) I'm not calling you ignorant, the word ignorance is defined by one's lack of knowledge, learning or information on a subject.

You only need to learn of the people and their culture to understand they will never be bigger or better than the USA, no matter how much aid they receive. They only dream of what the USA is because for most they will never be allowed to leave their country. Their government is not like ours. You have the freedom to go and do as you please. Congratulations. You are blessed. I choose to go and help the people of Haiti. With your words of inspiration to help those of the good ole USA I hope that you will now consider helping the people of California and Arizona who are losing their homes and their lives are in turmoil due to floods and mudslides.

We are called to love like Jesus. We ALL fall very short of this. I will pray for you. I will pray for myself to learn to love those who believe as you do. I will continue to pray for Haiti, to provide as much help to them as I can, and look forward to the day when I can return to their country and its people who have shown me the love of Christ.

So, I've said my peace....I'm coming down off of my soapbox and I pray today that God will find some way to touch the hearts of those who are 'ignorant' in so many ways to his world and ALL of his people. I pray that more will come to know the love of Christ and to accept him as their savior.

So, tell me..... What Do You Think?


  1. Amen! I'm right up on the soap box with you sister!!!!

  2. Right on!!! You're speaking my language!

  3. I too am right up there beside you on your blessed my friend for speaking truth.

  4. Thanks ladies!! :) The person who shared their ugly attitude removed their post. Hmmmm....

  5. Amen and Amen Sister! The truth needs to be spoken and I agree with all that you said. My heart breaks for the people of Haiti,the orphans, the broken families, and the injured. I would have flown there the first day to help except that I am the sole earner and responsible for my family here. So I donated and prayed and I continue to pray. God is there in the midst of the chaos and I have seen evidence of miracles from Him. A man pulled out of the rubble after 12 days...children surviving for 6 days...a woman talked about the fresh air she was breathing while in the rubble. Yes...God is there. This was not caused by God or the Devil as some have is just a tragedy and signs of the times. We need to open our eyes and do all that we can for Hiati and for others that God brings in our paths. Pray for people to get saved. Pray for Christians to wake up and realize the hour we are living in and do all we can for the Lord!