Friday, January 15, 2010

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Below you can read the information regarding Haiti and the families and friends we have been praying for and the link to make {legitimate} donations for aid and relief to victims. The links provided are missionaries currently working in country and can help victims. Please feel free to visit their links of their missions and the organizations they are affiliated with. If you don't feel led to give through these missions, please find some way to help support the families in Haiti. Right now they need money for food, water and medical supplies. Things cannot be shipped into the country such as clothes, shoes, etc. and there is more immediate need for necessary, life-saving items like food, water and antibiotics and other medical provisions.

I urge you to continue to pray and keep the victims in your thoughts as our lives continue to go on as regularly scheduled, they are displaced, burying loved ones (if they are fortunate enough to provide a burial--most victims will go into a mass grave), they search for food. I encourage you to fast for a day, one day and try to understand the urgency for their needs.

Please pray for our friend Celissa. She has yet to be found. Roberto and Alex are making another trip into Port today to search for her and others they are still waiting to hear of their safety. I'm not sure what school Celissa was teaching at but we have posted her photo and information to the CNN search site as well as Earthquake Haiti facebook group in hopes of finding information about her.
Celissa is able to access the internet from school to visit with us on a regular basis.
We have not heard from her since the earthquake.

We pray for your safety and well-being Celissa and know that God is with you.
We ♥ You!

Please continue to visit the links in the next post for the missionaries and their updates as they become available. Pray for their safety and that provisions will come soon. Everyone is running out of supplies at this point.

If you'd like to read more about our trip to Haiti you can click HERE.

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