Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Two Shall Become One

Tuesdays is a time to get honest about our marriages.  It's a time to reflect on becoming that Proverbs woman I think we could all strive for.  The hard part is sticking to it.  Yes, I'm great out of the gate as they say but stamina has not always been a strong point for me.

Striving to be that Proverbs woman involves being the wife your husband needs and deserves (or at least let's hope he deserves you! Or claims that he could never do enough to deserve you!).  That's the part that will make being the Proverbs wife a much easier accomplishment.
You see, when our marriage was falling apart it was my husband who began praying for us, for me.  But I had other plans.  I had given up.  I had turned my focus to myself, and my children and the things I thought I needed to do.  The things I needed to work at to move forward.  Looking back on how it fell apart I'm amazed at the power and love in my husband that willed him to still focus on us, and on loving me.  I know that could only come from one thing.  One person.  One place.  Our Father in Heaven.

Yes, go ahead, say it's sappy.  Say I sugar coat things.  But having a Godly husband is like that.  If you've seen the movie Fireproof my husband was acting that out.  Loving me weather I loved him back or not.  Praying for me, for us, when I had given up.  Oh those must have been some mighty strong prayers!  ♥ And yes, we lived the movie to the fullest.  Hating one another, wanting to walk away and fighting like cats and dogs.  But the Lord told Him to love me.  To love me like HE loves me.  Despite all my faults.  To love me unconditionally.  And I'm so glad that my husband listened to what the Lord had to say.  ;o)

I remind myself of those days frequently.

I remind myself of those days when I get discouraged.  When the meal I fix for dinner may not be what he expected or wanted and it's a disappointment (he may not say it, but when the plate isn't clean after a man has worked all day you know it wasn't great), and I'm stuck cleaning up the dirty dishes.  Because every Friday is date night and he takes me out to eat so I don't have to cook and we can spend quiet time together.

I remind myself of those days when he comes home from work so tired and worn out that all he manages to do is sit in his chair and fall asleep before dinner is even ready!   Because the night before he stayed up with me until 1 a.m. because I couldn't sleep and kept me company.

I remind myself of those days when I ask him to run an errand or go to the store to pick up something I need and he says "No thanks, I don't need to go." (in his joking manner).  Because the night before he surprised me by bringing home a case of my favorite tea that he had to stop at three stores on his way home to find (which is an hour one-way commuting).

I remind myself of those days when he watches NASCAR and the History channel till I'm bored to tears practically and couldn't get his attention if the house was on fire.  Because the night before he sat on the couch with me and watched yet another one of my silly sitcoms or a Lifetime movie while rubbing my feet till HE fell asleep.  ;o)

The power of prayer is a wonderous thing.  If we align our lives with God and give Him the control of everything we do he will give you the desires of your heart.  Now, I'm one of the first to tell you that he'll give you the desires of your heart if they are HIS will.  But let me say that when you focus on Him, put Him first in your life, meditate on His word and study how it can does apply to your life everyday..... well, the desires of your heart will become what He wills.  I fully believe that with all my heart.

Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.
--Psalm 37:4

It's a beautiful thing.  It's a special gift He gives.  Pray for your spouse today.  Whether you are praying for them to have a successful, peaceful day at work.  Or maybe they need you to pray for their heart to be healed, a sickness to be healed, for peace between even the two of you.  Even if your spouse is not responsive to you, to your love, they will never be so 'far away' that God can't reach them.

Love them.

Love your spouse unconditionally today.

Give selflessly.

Honor them.

Even when it's hard.  They may not notice it, but God does.
Yes, my husband was my first steady boyfriend in high school.  My first date.  My first car date.  My first everything.  We've spent more of our lives together than we have apart.  I met him when I was 15.  We've come a long way baby.


  1. Thank you for sharing your story that HE has written for your lives.

  2. this is beautiful ... thank you for sharing!