Friday, March 12, 2010

Blue Jays & Mocha

Remember yesterday I shared with you what my son's school was doing? Miss Murphy said the kids really enjoyed their little project and she took pics of the kids working to share with Smeralda too.
Can you imagine living in Haiti and receiving a package that includes pictures and drawings from American kids your age? Seeing the inside of their classroom and how things are so different? I hope she enjoys them. I know I enjoyed watching the kids get so excited about what we were doing. I can't wait to see Smeralda again!

I wanted to say THANK YOU also to those who have e-mailed me about becoming sponsors for kids! I think it's awesome that others are stepping out in faith to help these children. And if you want a really good read and some eye candy of AMAZING photos you should read THIS BLOG someone referred me to this week. It has links for others in his group that traveled to Africa this past week. INCREDIBLE! (I'm a blog junkie, so.... must share my addiction.)

One more quickie before I have to head out to take Easter pictures today.... if some of you are still doubting whether or not you can make a monthly commitment to sponsor a child there are even more ways to help that are less expensive on the wallet. If you don't feel you can afford $35, or $25...... how about $7?

Yes, SEVEN dollars......


Just $7 little dollars a month can do SO much.
Check out the MOCHA CLUB If you are interested in helping through this organization you can join our team with Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry and your $7 donation combined with ours increases it's value to be used for others! :) When you click on the Mocha Club link you can search to join a group and Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry is listed! :) Or simply click the Join Now button and it will take you to our team page! (Plus you get a free t-shirt when you join!)

And the next time you drink a latte think of how you can be helping! Oh how I wish we had a Starbucks! ;o) Someone who lives close to one..... go drink a mocha latte for me!! xoxo


  1. wonderful tips! Thank you for sharing about Africa...I love that your kids are making care packages for the little ones in Haiti!!

  2. Hi! I found your blog through The Girl Creative's New Friend Fridays.

    Your blog is very inspiring! I'm glad to have found it. I have a friend who went to Africa two years ago as part of an orginazation called Give Us Wings. Her stories are amazing.

    I'm going to link your blog to ours to help out!

    Thank you for having such a kind heart!

    Your new friends at Thingamabobs and Doodads,

    Kelli and Crystal
    (this post written by Kelli)