Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blacktops & Flipflops

Aaaaahhhhh....  Old Man Winter has croaked!  LOL  78 Degrees today!  Yeah baby!  Are you ready for this?  Wanna see how I spent my afternoon, OUTSIDE!  My hubby was home today and helped me work in the backyard with the 'girls'.  They needed some sunshine and dirt to dig in.
Some of the girls are getting pretty BIG!
So we made a new chicken run.  We liked to never got them all in there.  I'm not exactly sure how I'm going to corral them all back to the coop tonight.  And right now, not really too worried about it!  :)  The sun is shining and the world is turning, I reckon I might as well grin.  (Old girl scout songs stuck in my head.)
You know the "Chicken Whisperer" learned his techniques from his father, right?

Our favorite cat enjoyed being his lazy self today.  Chickens don't phase him a bit.  He totally lost interest long ago when they became bigger than he is and had to defend his food dish one night to a mob of curious hens.  Does the term 'henpecked' ring any bells?  So he was content just to rub and get under foot while we were trying to work today.
Ahhhh.... do you see that?  FLIPFLOPS!  Today was the first day I dug the trusty flipflops from the closet in the mud room.  Between trying to cat slap my lens cap and getting a good massage Louie was content just to lounge around in the shade.  Yes, I said shade.  It actually got rather warm today if you were doing anything outside.  (Please excuse the pasty white feet.  I don't think my skin has seen daylight in six months!)  lol  :)

Then, just when we were trying to find an excuse to stay outside after our work was done..... we decided to go for a long ride on the 4-wheeler.  The kids were still not home from school and people weren't off work yet so there couldn't be too much traffic.  TRAFFIC!  LOL  Now, that's a funny word (at least where I live).

So, we headed down the road from our house...
I bet you wish this was in your backyard.  ;)  
And we just kept going..... We passed the neighbor's house. 
(which by the way, I have THE best neighbors ever!)
And then we decided we hadn't been gone long enough, so we decided to turn around and go the opposite direction from our house..... we passed our backyard again.  And just kept going....
Yep, that's home.  But why would I want to stop riding when the sun is shining so beautifully and the weather is OH SO PERFECT?!
And we just kept going..... And I thought it would be cool to take our picture together while we were riding.  Yeah, not so great.  It's hard when your hubby is driving and not paying attention because he's gawking every which direction and sometimes you just have to hang on and lean with the curves.  Yes, I know that's what you do on motorcycles, but it works great for 4-wheelers too.  ;o)  
We decided we better head home again.  The kids would be back from school soon.
And then dad would have to take them for rides if we were caught!  Oops.... ;o)
(and yeah.... the boys are getting haircuts tonight)
Surprisingly enough, little britches was stuck inside.  It was his first opportunity in a long time to have first dibs at the play station while his brother was out goofing and his sister wasn't there to torment him.

My favorite photo from the day:
If you're a country girl you've heard this song before!  And yes, this is actually where the blacktop ends.

So, that's how I spent my afternoon.  What do you do to enjoy this fine day?!  I think the only thing that could have made it any better was having the kids home with us to play outside.  (And a few more kids at that....*hint*HINT* If my hubby would ever read my blog.  The adoption application is still sitting on your desk just waiting for your signature.  *wink*) 

Hoping you all had a happy hump day!


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