Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pizza & Roller Skates

Wow, what a weekend already!  Last night Tyler decided to have a movie party with his friends from school.  They got out early yesterday too so we made a run to the movie store and after I finished work I made a mad dash to the store to get fixin's for homemade pizza.  (Half the fun of a pizza party right?)   We even make our crust homemade.  It's totally yummy!!!  Anyone thinking it's a pain think again.  It's no harder than using store mix and adding water.

Homemade Pizza Crust:
2-3 cups flour (play around.... you'll know if it's too dry or too sticky)
1 cup warm water
1 Tbsp yeast
2 Tbsp oil (we use olive oil)

Throw it in the kitchenaid to mix with the dough hook while you're chopping veggies and cooking meat and it's ready in no time.

Let me tell you, I made more pizza last night than I ever have at one time.  Eight teenagers in the house cleaned me out of almost three cases of pop and five extra large homemade pizzas.  Oiy!  Of course the pizza was gone before I could take pictures.  As soon as those boogers hit the table from the oven, they were gone and I had an empty pan to fill again.  lol  (I only have 3 good pizza pans)  We had three cheese pizzas (easy on mom!), pepperoni lovers and a supreme.  And only two slices left over....

After watching one movie they decided to play man hunt.  Which is basically a red-neck country kids way of saying hide and seek.  We just play it in the dark.  Yes..... DARK.  The moon wasn't even out last night either which makes it even more fun!  The porch to the house is base because that's the only thing you can see!

And did I mention that we just had warm enough weather to melt 12 inches of snow.  Our yard, gravel driveway and pasture is a total mud pit.  It's like walking on a big giant sponge.  And yes, the girls ruined their shoes cuz the boys grabbed all the mud boots in our house before the girls had a chance to pick a pair.
They hung out on the sidewalk most of the time and 'guarded' base.  ;o)  Nothing was getting past them!  Hannah told one of the boys not a chance and just stuck her hands out to push him back and knocked him across the sidewalk and sent him rolling in the mud!  I laughed till I almost wet myself!  It was hilarious!
Did I mention it was DARK!?!  lol  And when you live in the middle of nowhere the coyotes howl and things make noise and go bump in the night!  (The kids just finished watching a scarey movie to boot!  LOL)

Then this morning I took Tanner to learn to roller skate!  Our little bitty community got a new roller rink and everyone is so excited and happy to see an activity for our kids in our little town!  Every Saturday morning during the month of March they have Tiny Tots.  Kids from 2-6 years can learn to skate without big kids whizzing by or a crowded rink.  It was awesome!

Not many moms put on skates to skate with their kids.  But being the cool mom that I am (Big HA!) I laced up and rolled with the punches.  ;o)  Knock on wood I didn't fall once!  No matter what anyone says, it's not like riding a bike.  You do forget and I'd rather try to balance a bike again than balance my big butt on skates.  But it all worked out great.  Tanner did AWESOME and I think roller skating will become a regular family activity for us!
Man, I forgot how much I enjoyed roller skates!  I think I need to invest in a new pair, complete with big blue fluffy pom poms on the toes!  Aaaaahhhhh......

Roller Derby from Renea Lynch on Vimeo

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