Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hump Day & Sunshine

Why do we call it hump day? Because we're at the top of the hill and ready to coast down the other side? Yeah maybe, but rather than coast down the other side, sometimes you just need to revel in the moment and enjoy the day!

This is the day the Lord hath made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!

We can say this everyday and it brings a bit more sunshine into our lives. Spring is upon us and it's just been one of those days when I have nothing but gladness in my heart. I've spent the morning in court which usually stresses me to the point of diarrhea (like you wanted to know that.... but if we're honest most of us know what I'm talking about!), and then got a call from school that my youngest son has a fever and needed to come home. He now sits in the other room playing video games. Oh what a cursed disease. LOL

I was getting ready for court last night and digging through old pictures on flash cards and found some interesting stuff. Things that made me laugh and smile, things that make you roll your eyes and say "only you".

So, I thought I'd spread a little sunshine today and share those pics with you. Besides it gives you a better idea of who we are and what makes us tick. ;o)
My 6 year old son 'practicing' his guitar. Which of course just ends up being strumming noises but he can rock your world with rock bad on the Wii and singing Eye of the Tiger will have you laughing till you cry. I was peaking in on their 'jam session'. ;o)
My husband family is VERY musically gifted. All of the men in their family play instruments of some sort and have won numerous contests, been a part of bluegrass bands, etc. My father-in-law was the state champion fiddle player in Tennessee (hey all you TN gals!) many years ago, he plays the fiddle, mandolin, banjo, guitar.... it's amazing. And of course HIS brothers all play some type of instrument and their children do. My husband and his two brothers are the same. Our closets are filled with bass fiddles, fiddles, banjos, and acoustic guitars. My oldest son takes guitar lessons and his teacher claims he's a natural. It's in their blood.

The 6 yr old wants lessons, but not quite ready to stay focused enough. My husband taught my daughter how to play the bass fiddle one afternoon in a matter of minutes. Doesn't that just blow your mind. It's like they have these freaky genius music genes that I can only dream of acquiring.

After my hubby spent over thirty minutes trying to teach me a song only to become majorly frustrated and had us both aggravated at one another, I walked out. My daughter says let me try and within 5 minutes is playing it like an old pro. They all can play by ear too. Which just ads to the level of disgust on my part. But oh how I love to listen to them. :o)
This is my daughter's 17th birthday 'celebration' of sorts. We set the camera up in the pantry cabinet and set the timer. She is such a busy girl being a senior in high school and always on the go. We only had time for pizza at home and cake. But she didn't mind a bit.

We look like a crazy redneck bunch don't we? The psycho 6 yr old trying to look intimidating, my hubby, my 14 year old son sporting his balloon hat from another party, me hiding because I'm in my pj's and my daughter with her usual 'don't take my picture wild face' on. She HATES having her picture taken. I can't imagine how quiet our house will be after she's gone to college. I don't even want to think about it! We need to finish her senior pictures before she goes to college! lol You know what they always say, "The cobbler's kids have no shoes!"
She's kinda cute when she's not making faces at the camera! lol :)
I reminded my husband last night.... we have plenty of room for more! ;o) *hint*hint*!!! If we have room in our hearts, there is always room in the house. That's just a minor detail.

I'm not giving up on this thing called adoption!

I live vicariously through friends' blogs and their homecomings that make my heart want to explode with joy!

They bring tears to my eyes.

Happy tears.

And I advocate and support orphans through our organization Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry, and I look forward to returning to Haiti where I can visit with my sponsored child again! There are many ways to care for widows and orphans. Until I can open my home to them, I open my heart in many other ways.

I hope God has richly blessed you today. :o)


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