Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let Go of Your Wealth!

I saw a quote yesterday from another blog that read:

“Compassion International is trying to help release the poor from poverty, but it’s also helping to release us from our wealth.”

There could be no greater truth. And it's not just Compassion International. It's any form of sponsorship. Once you allow yourself to let go of your wealth and care for these children like God would want us to, it is such a blessing for our lives. Yes, notice I said OUR lives. That's not why we do it of course, but for as much as it is a gift to the children and their families that you sponsor, it becomes an even greater gift and blessing to us. I never realized just how much releasing our wealth could do for us. :)

I shared with you about WIPHAN yesterday. After sharing on my blog and re-reading some of the information on the WIPHAN site, I was drawn to a face. A beautiful little face of a boy. I kept telling myself that we already sponsor one child. Smeralda is our 7 year old girl from Haiti. Was I just wanting to sponsor another one just because? Just because it was a friend's ministry? Just because....

I thought about our finances and how some days we struggle to pay bills and other days we have an abundance to share. Could I afford another 'monthly payment'? So I went to bed to 'think it over' and talk to God about it. I prayed about it, and guess what? The first thing I did this morning when I got up was look at that little boy's face and clicked on SPONSOR.

How could I seriously not?

What am I really giving up?

Another movie night?

Unlimited texting?

For a chance for Robby to go to school and have meals provided to him.

A chance for Robby to be educated.

A chance for Robby to become a male nurse.

Robby Zulu is now a part of our family. Robby is 9 and lives in Zambia, Africa with his parents. Both parents. How fortunate. Adoption is something that weighs heavily on my heart. But the Bible commands us to care for the least of these. Not just the orphans. What better way to support a family than by keeping them together and helping provide them with a better tomorrow. A chance to keep their son and see him grow into a bright young man. Just like I desire for my boys.

What an honor to get to be a part of that. What an honor to be involved with and supporting the WIPHAN ministry.

Tomorrow you will meet our Smeralda again. :) Our beautiful, sweet Smeralda in Haiti. ♥

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  1. you have a beautiful heart ... we have a little boy in Tanzania and went through the same thought process. Can we afford another monthly payment? Then we looked around at all we have and the answer was a very obvious - YES!