Monday, March 1, 2010

Catching Up! This week's RAK!

Wow, it's already Monday and so much to catch up on! I'm still nursing that cold and it stinks! :( Day-Quil and Ny-Quil keep me going. My girlfriend is recovering from her surgery way better than expected and I'm so happy she is doing awesome!

Okay, we'll see if I can do all this without losing you!

Keeping up with the RAK giveaway, Andrea's gift is on it's way to Georgia! Maybe she'll come home from that awesome adoption seminar and find a surprise waiting for her. :o) I hope you enjoy it Andrea!

The second giveaway was THIS (minus my son with the bed head! lol), and the lucky winner of that giveaway is Beth!!! =) Check out her blog. They adopted a special needs daughter from China. Miss Lucey! Yes, another Lucey for those of you that follow Kristi's blog! :) I'm surrounded by stories of beautiful little Lucey/Lucy's! lol

So, this weeks RAK is for all you scrapbook junkies!!! I used to be a Creative Memories Consultant and I have more scrapbook supplies than you can shake a stick at!!! Lots of folks are doing digital these days but I know there are still those who enjoy the touchy feely books where you can get your hands on some paper, metal and ribbons as well as other textures. :o)
You get a complete package of Wilderness stickers. It includes everything
from coolers and sleeping bags to bears and canoes! I bet I used three or four packages of these stickers on each one of my kids' books. We were always camping or fishing, roasting marshmallows or hiking and these stickers cover it all!
Next is a sheet of Me & My Big Ideas Easter stickers! These were always my favorite and I used these little stick people on lots of pages! I had a fetish for M&MBI peeps! Plus, Easter is right around the corner! Also is a sheet from Phrase Cafe called Sisterly Love. These are the clear stickers so when you put them down all you see is the actual words.
And a complete sheet from Nostalgiques of alphabet stickers. These look (and feel!) just like the keys on an old manual typewriter. I've used them for mini books, recipe cards or greeting cards for friends. I just love the antique feel!

Remember all you have to do is leave a comment and the winner is chosen at random on Sunday! Just because! I'm not posting the McKlinky box this week because no one was using it, but feel free to pass it forward and start a Lent RAK of your own!


Some new and exciting things if you are into books. I got really excited when I opened my e-mail to find out I had been selected to receive a free book! I hadn't even signed up for it! Those are the awesome kinds of freebies everyone loves! The book I'm getting is Chosen, by Ginger Garrett, through the David C. Cook Fiction blog.

I'm anxious to receive my book and share my thoughts about it with you! This isn't normally the type of book I'd read but it's got a biblical story foundation so I'm excited to see if this is something I can get hooked on!

THEN.... I get an e-mail telling me I can get even MORE free books! We're total bookworms at my house and I was so excited! I am a member of Book Sneeze and have started getting my free books from them to review. Then I joined WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group
and discovered that I have been approved as a blog book reviewer! MORE FREE BOOKS!
I'm so excited to get these programs started! If I can just keep up my reading and reviewing! What better way to get free books! You can click on any of the links to find out more information and apply to be a reviewer too! I hope you get free books! DID I MENTION THEY'RE FREE?!!! lol :o)

And, last but not least.... if you're keeping up with me thank you so much! I'm catching up on my Lent study posts.
  • Day 8 - Seeing my blind spots. It's about recognizing my blind spots and being honest about what Jesus is really saying and asking of us. The blind spots that opened my eyes were all about Haiti. Funny how one mission trip can have such an impact. Actually seeing children living in such poor conditions, literally starving, sleeping in the dirt, fumbling through trash. It broke my heart in ways I can't describe. Unless you've experienced it and understand it yourselves. The other thing that opened my eyes came after returning from my trip and discovering a world of adoption blogs. Seeing these families bringing home children to their forever families. Oh how I long to be one of those families. :) Someday....
  • Day 9 - (this can be done any day this week, so I'm going to try to do it on a day when my children can participate and it's not below freezing outside!) But it's called NO DRIPPING! You are to walk a mile with an empty bucket, fill it with water and then walk home again. Millions of people, children, have the responsibility of walking to get water for their families everyday. And 99% of that water is not clean or suitable for drinking. We've already covered death and disease from unclean water... So, I'm 'mapping' off a mile in our little town with my car so I know exactly how far the kids will have to walk with me, and we're going right down the main street in town with empty buckets and then walking back. I'm anxious to see how many people stop to ask what we're doing or ask if we need help so I can share what we're doing. I'll keep you posted on that later this week!
Please note, according the to EPA, the average American uses 170 gallons of water a day.
  • Day 10 - Ask your pastor how often he preaches on poverty and justice in a year. With a gracious spirit - but to make a point - ask to see your pastor's bible and tell him your checking for holes! Then explain the study you're doing. I totally got sidetracked with this yesterday because we had a guest speaker with a presentation on the holy land, so I'll be pickin' on my pastor on Wednesday night! The study guide from the book tells of there being almost 2000 verses in Scripture that deal with poverty and justice. Imagine 'cutting' each one of these verses out of your Bible with a pair of scissors.... verses that we pay no attention to. Now do you see the hole in our gospel?! ;o)
  • Day 11 - Call your nearest gospel rescue mission and ask for a tour. Then find out what you can do to help the mission in your community. This is a bit difficult for me as the nearest gospel rescue mission is over two hours away. :( I have helped with the local women's shelter before and donated services to them as well. They (luckily) don't run a full house sometimes so I'll be praying for the rescue missions instead. :o)
  • Day 12 - That's today! Same Kind of Different As Me! - Totally ironic?! It says to find a book (suggests this one Same Kind of Different As Me) and read it after you finish the Hole in our Gospel study. I already have this book! I look forward to reading it even more now! It was my first freebie from the Book Sneeze Review Group! LOL cool huh? So I'll keep you posted on that one too! I have the follow up book to that as well which is What Difference Do It Make?

So I think that about covers everything! I'm enjoying my Lent Study. I wish I weren't so sick with a head cold because it's keeping me up at night, but it's also giving me time to read! I'm still keeping up with my One Year Chronological Bible as well.

I gotta tell ya, so far it's been an amazing year. Staying in the word and completing these studies and finding a new church family has been such a blessing! It can change and transform your life in ways you never imagined when you take time for God everyday!

We had a new experience Sunday night. They have a 30 minute prayer time before the service on Sunday. Anyone is welcome in, but you aren't required to participate. My husband and I are always excited to get our feet wet with anything! A private room without interruption had our group opening up prayer requests together. We just each took turns and went around our circle praying as one. It was incredible. And I gotta tell ya, God's children..... the orphan, was one of my spoken prayers. If you don't feel led to adopt, at least pray for these children! I'm hoping I can do both someday! Until I am, I continue to pray.

I hope you have a blessed week! Now, leave me some comments so I can send you some FREE scrapbooking goodies! :)


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