Friday, September 18, 2009

[ Friday Freebie & Prayer ]

Yeah, it's Friday! I wish I wasn't so sick, I might enjoy the day more. Going on day three of this nasty cold (that my hubby is hoping isn't the swine flu). Excuse my political incorrectness. I still eat bacon. :)

So, my Friday Freebie is a Christmas Ornament this week! :) How cool is that? Christmas is my favorite holiday and I splurge on ornaments every year. We always get new ones. The kids each get a new one to add to their collection. When they leave home, they'll have enough to decorate their own trees. Mine may end up bare by the time I have an empty nest. I think last time we counted we had almost 500 ornaments for our tree. Again, did I mention how much I ♥ Christmas?! Click on the picture below to be taken to the site to complete the form for your free ornament!

So, onto the next bit of goodies for Friday. Our pastor has been discussing prayer lately and being prayer warriors. Which has had me thinking quite a bit. When someone asks you to pray or you receive prayer requests do you literally say a prayer for them or just say you will and then never really get around to it? Do you use the prayer chain from your church or study group as your gossip track or are you really concerned with the prayers that need to be lifted? I only ask these things because they have been thoughts and actions of my own in the past. I've had my prayer life changed and learned how easy it can be to send up a prayer for someone, or myself at any given moment.

Being singled out to say grace at dinner everyday on our trip was a huge push for me. A giant leap you might say. I found a comfort zone. I used to be embarrassed to pray outloud in the company of others. But as I quickly learned on my trip my comfort level wasn't realistic for several areas of my life. So, now I begin to pray. Pray everyday. Prayers of thanksgiving, prayers of need, prayers for understanding and healing.

Someone sent me a message this morning thanking me for something else and upon knowing I wasn't feeling well added "IM PRAYING FOR YOU" in all caps. :) To me, that was a sign that an actual prayer was being said for me. For which I was very greatful. I challenge you.... when you say you are praying for someone, actually stop what you are doing and say a prayer right then. It takes only a few seconds or minutes of your time. But it's sincere.

I'm going to leave the link on my sidebar with the picture below as an open invitation when you need prayer, send a request. I can share it with others, I can keep it private. But I can guarantee you that a prayer will be said. We all know prayer works but we have to do it with a sincere heart and honesty. Won't you pray with me? Won't you allow me to pray for you?

So, I'm going to share a request this morning. I'm praying over it and ask that anyone who wants to pray with me do so. One of the organizations that I follow regularly on the web, All God's Children International, has space left for their next mission trip to Africa. AFRICA! :) Did I mention I dream big these days? My trip to Haiti opened up my heart and mind to so many things, so many people. I'm saving money now to return to Haiti, but when I saw that there were spaces left to go on their trip to Africa I became excited at the possibility that I could do that also. So, that's my prayer. For guidance as to wether I should go, and if so the means to get there. it's actually not much more than a trip to Hait. Can you believe it? I'm starting to wonder if I wouldn't have made a good missionary if my life had been different. But, I'm also aware that God has placed me right where I needed to be too. I wouldn't trade my life for anything and these new adventures are just a new chapter to be explored.

I'll pray for you today, and anytime you ask. Yes, I've actually said a prayer for anyone who is reading this. :) Try it! You can click on the photo to send a prayer request and it will remain in the sidebar too. Or feel free to e-mail me directly at I hope you'll use it, and find comfort when you do.

So, I'm still reading too. Finished Fields of the Fatherless by Tom Davis (how awesome I think this man is!). I've started reading Hope Lives. I encourage anyone to read Tom's book. It gives practical suggestions for helping 'the least of these' in many ways. Some even right in your own backyard. :) yes, did I say practical? Not everyone is called to adopt or travel on missions. But there are things that can be done right in your home town to help those in need. Please find a way to share your gifts, to help someone less fortunate than yourself. You'll make God smile. I promise. :)

Happy Friday from my sick bed. Hope you have a better weekend than mine is shaping up to be. My baby's 6th birthday is tomorrow and I need strength to party (like a 6 yr old). So wish me luck. Dad has alrady ordered the cake and his gift came in the mail on Tuesday. Thank goodness daddy has been helping take care of me this week. Otherwise we'd be celebrating without sweets. Maybe that wasn't to help me, but to satisfy his sweet tooth. (Or spoil the golden child.....) lol

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  1. wow!!!! What a blog of passion and love for the orphan you have created..I'm just so excited for you and I can't wait to see WHERE God is sending you....YES, go with AGCI to AFrica and tell Almaz Hi from me and "marta" is what they called my lucy lane...What a grand life for God you are living AND, the shirt looks great on you :) kristi