Monday, September 7, 2009

[ Book 'Em Danno! ]

Okay, so unless you're 'ancient' like me (according to my kids), that wouldn't make as much sense to you. I always wanted to have an excuse to say it, so today is my excuse. ;o) lol

It's official! The BOOK SWAP is scheduled! Mark your calendars and show up at my shop (1309 E 9th St, Trenton, MO) for FREE BOOKS!!! Yep, FREE!!! Wednesday, September 9th from 5-7 p.m. we're sharing our books and magazines with whoever shows up!!! Bring books, give books, get books!

I'm so excited I can hardly wait! Lots of folks said they were going to participate already and I'm anxious to see what good reads show up. Maybe we can start making this a regular affair. Every three months or something. Give everyone a chance to read all the goodies they go home with. I knew when my kids ask if they could participate too that it needed to be something for everyone. So, I'm bringing books for children, teens, adults, magazines, crafts, etc. The kids are even looking forward to it!!! We've already got a pile of goodies ready to go!

Our big box is stuffed to capacity!

And just look at all these scrapbook and card magazines I'm ditching! I mean sharing....

And, this little mess is just PART of the books my daughter didn't think she could part with. Even though she's read most of them. Did I mention she's 17 and still has her Beverly Cleary books and Junie B. Jones that she refuses to let go of! lol :o) We love our books. But I can't fault her... I refuse to let go of the Jodi Picoult and Nicholas Sparks stash.
So how's you're piles coming along? I'm excited to see what all shows up. And the even better part is, the few people I've talked to are really into this too. They aren't just bringing a handful of books, they have LOTS to share too. Boxes are coming!! Woo Hoo!!! I don't think there's much I get as excited over as books. Did I mention I LOVE BOOKS!?! ♥
Now, something else for you book lovers...I got my e-mail confirmation and am 'officially' a book reviewer for Thomas Nelson. More great ways to get FREE books!!! I'm gonna have links and sites to share in a flyer at the book swap too so others can check out the awesome ways to get free books online! Just by sharing your opinion (something we're not always encouraged to do), can pay off big time!!!
So, mark your calendars and I'll see you Wednesday!!! Consider this your Friday Freebie too... the FREE book review site. Thomas Nelson that is. one said you had to like my Friday Freebie (or that I absolutely had to post it on Friday)! Just consider it FREE! :) Have an awesome week everyone!

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