Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PW Giveaway!

HURRY!  Run, don't walk (is that even possible in cyberspace?) to the Pioneer Woman's blog!  Ree is doing a giveaway today!  Three dutch oven's in the most gorgeous color of blue!
I'd tell you good luck and I hope you win, but seriously......I want to win!  So it's every blogger for herself!  lol  But at least I'm giving you a heads up.  

I'm still reading away!  Got my review of Greater finished and received my next free book to review, which is "Christ Our Mediator".  Pretty good too actually.  Very quick read, it's a short book.  Less than 100 pages I believe.  But we've been busy the last few days so I need to kick it in gear and finish it today.  I also received a new study bible for review.  The "Everyday Matters Bible for Women".  Love the outlines and study sections in it.  Definitely putting practical everyday living into perspective and providing encouragement through the stories and studies.  So if you are interested, head on over to Amazon and getcha one!  You'll love it!  I promise.  

One last note of daughter who is the ultimate book worm, has started her own blog!  Nothing but books, what she thinks of them, how they relate to her life, what she recommends and invites to share your thoughts, opinions and suggestions for great reads.  "My One Thousand Lives"  Those of you who are literary snobs will know the significance of her title.  Consider it a 'Book Club' you can attend online.  I've always seen in movies (yes I'm sheltered, we live in the middle of the sticks remember) where people would gather at one another's homes and share their thoughts on a particular book.  Can't imagine what that would be like.  I'm rather introverted when it comes to my books and don't want any other opinions that might not agree with my own!  LOL  So, Taylor's blog can be found HERE.  Enjoy!  She's just getting started so drop her a line, leave some blog love in her comments and make some suggestions!  SHE LOVES IT!!  :)

I'm off to make pink deliveries this morning, maybe make a stop at the local library (yes, they still have those! not everything is electronic), football practice for my little this afternoon and AWANAS at church this evening where we are starting an adult study while the kiddos are worshiping.  "Have a New Kid by Friday"!  Wish me luck, it's going to be a busy day!

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