Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to School & Reading

So.....everyone should now officially be back to school!  I have several friends in different areas of the country and we all seem to start school at different times.  Even home school moms.  Each have their own schedule but I love looking at all their kids pics of their first day of school.  I found some random pics of my kids over the years for their first days and it's bittersweet to see them grow so quickly.  It seems like yesterday my 'baby girl' was born, and now she's almost a college graduate!  Having her move out this year was tough on mom!  Tougher on dad.  lol  But we are all surviving quite nicely.  It makes her visits home on random weekends/holidays even more fun.  I can't believe my middle child is a Junior in high school this year.  He's growing into a man right before my eyes and I can't stop it.  Although he has his moments that make me realize why animals eat their young....somewhere in that giant body is the little boy who used to tell me "I love you bigger mommy".  We now have that love/hate relationship so my parenting skills must be top notch! ;)  ha.

The wee one is in third grade this year.  He was just excited about getting to share recess with the 'big kids' (i.e. 7th graders).  He can now play kick ball, football and random stuff with kids twice his size and he thinks that is way cooler than 1st graders he shared with last year.  He started tackle football at the YMCA this year too so momma is getting her sports fix.  Hard to believe I actually enjoy watching him tackle other kids! lol  ;)  In yo face!  Yes, I'm that mother...... pray for me.

AWANAS for 3rd grade this year is Truth & Training!  We're moving up!
We started AWANAS last night too which we have been looking forward to.  Love that my little man looks forward to spending time at church and learning scripture and reading his Bible.  No greater joy for a momma.  He accepted Christ this summer and we'll be posting pics of his baptism soon!  :)  We're waiting for the 'perfect pond' he requested to dunk him in!  lol  With the droubt this summer, ponds are scarce that don't have sludge or poo knee deep.  The recent rains are clearing things up so hopefully soon we'll be dunkin'!

I'm also excited that the church is having adult bible study groups while the kids are in AWANAS.  So looking forward to the studies ahead, one of which is Dave Ramsey's financial university!  Definitely needed, and hoping it can help us get back on track in this household.  We aren't a family that is swimming in debt (no credit cards or over-extending ourselves with unnecessary luxuries), but the recession has hit more than we expected and sometimes 'robbing Peter to pay Paul' seems eminent.  Don't get me wrong....we are standing on His promises and know that God doesn't live in a recession.  He has ALWAYS provided for our needs and it's amazing to see Him at work when you least expect it.  But it would be nice to do a little more once in a while.  I remember one day when I met my husband at the football field for practice after work.  Being in another town it takes 30 minutes to drive there from our house, and 45 minutes from hubby's work (which is the opposite direction) so we meet in the middle.  I had gotten an unexpected payment from someone that very day when I prayed I would find the gas money to make the trip.  Sharing with my husband the good news of answered prayer he told me how he had prayed all day for the same provision for himself.  You see, he had literally pulled into the park on E.  Probably running on fumes.  Knowing that somehow God was providing his way home.  Not knowing how, but that He would.  I handed him the extra money I had made that day.  Which filled his gas tank too.  So.....we know he ALWAYS provides.  But I have to admit the human side of me would like to feel a little less stressed wondering how He's going to do it! ;) lol

My goal today is to finish my book GREATER and post that review (it's incredible!), make homemade spaghetti and bread sticks (as promised to my 8 year old), and do a little cleaning.  (yeah, I said little.....I despise housework) Maybe I'll take some extra time today to play with our new puppy Peach.  More on her tomorrow.....  she's so stinkin' cute.

So for's a link to one of my favorite blogs of a friend.  She makes her kids lunches EVERYDAY, is the Bento queen, an awesome cook, and an even more incredible photographer!  Be inspired!  Even if you homeschool, these lunches will blow your kids' mind (and just might even get them to eat all those nasty veggies you try to force down them).  Be blessed today!  Check Jamie out at


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