Monday, November 22, 2010


So, my bloggy friend Kim made a post about Oprah's recent show on 'favorite things'.  She said it so well, so rather than throw a bunch of mixed words in and get my mind to racing all over again, she's given permission to copy her post and share it.

Did you see what Oprah gave away this year in her annual "Favorite Things" show?

Me neither.

I'm sure it had something to do with chocolate, some kind of kitchen ware, wonderful bath salts and a scented candle. Maybe even all of those each month for a year. Or seven.

Who knows.

And honestly....who cares?

The TV was on for the first few minutes of the show...just long enough for my high school son watch a crowd of grown women scream and cry and have heart palipations because they are taking home some loot.

A lot of it.

While I don't have strong opinions of Oprah one way or the other, and I'm 110% sure she is not one of my readers, I don't blame her for the out of control reactions of the crowd. I blame "us".

My son commented, "Mom...wouldn't you be going crazy if you were given all that stuff?"

While I like a good bath salt as much as any other tired mom, I can honestly say I felt a bit sickened by the whole thing.

Enough to turn it off, actually.

It's just not my thing....and I pray will never be among my "favorite things."

Consider the Orphan. No, not Oprah...the Orphan.

What would rank as their top favorite things?

A Family.
Encouragment through life.
A place of belonging.
Knowing their Mom and Dad love them.
Knowing their God loves them more.


That, my friends, would cause THIS grown woman to scream, cry, and have heart palipations.
And I would do it in front of millions of viewers.

So, while you're thinking of your favorite things, or what you will shop for over the next few weeks consider this:  what if you shopped while meeting a need?  While giving to a good cause.  There are tons of ways you can give someone a gift, still pamper yourself in the process too and help someone else at the same time.  Over the next few weeks I want to share some ways to do just that.

For Today..........

And right now they are buy one get one FREE!!!!!!!  Click HERE to check them out!  I think I may need a few! ;)  You can also go to to learn about this project and the story behind the cause.

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