Monday, November 1, 2010

National Adoption Month

November is National Adoption Month and while it's nice to recognize an entire month to advocate and make a difference, I find it hard not to try to do something all year round.  At times I feel very inadequate and like I could never do enough to help all of God's children.  Yet I know it's impossible for me to help them all, so I choose to do what I can by sponsorships, pledges to projects like Mocha Club and 5 for 50, and praying earnestly for an adoption of our own.

How can we not do something?  I designed our own Orphan Sunday shirts this year and if anyone wants one, they are welcome to purchase one.  I mostly designed them with us in mind to wear and promote adoption.  My girlfriend and I will be sporting ours next Sunday and decided if anyone chose to purchase one, we will give the profits to missions and orphan advocacy.

We can give through sponsorships or pledges to organizations that can assist others.

Will you go.... on missions or go to pick up your own child to give them a forever family.

The very least we can do is pray, everyday.  For God's children to be comforted, fed, loved and to find a forever family to call their own.  
I made Joy a special shirt with China on it, a little heart showing right where she will go (again hopefully!) to bring a daughter home.  This is where Jia came from in China and Joy hopes to give her a little sister someday soon.

So, you see, there is plenty we can do for orphans around the globe.  Everyday.  Even if you don't feel called to adopt, you can pray and give to children that desperately need someone to step up and be the hands and feet of Jesus.  I challenge you to pray everyday this month.  I challenge you to give to an organization....even if it's just a one time donation.  I challenge you to consider adoption.  Do you have enough love in your heart, enough room in your home?  I have no doubt that you do.  What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of one of His children?

I will pray.

I will give.

I am praying for my husband to say "Let's GO!"


  1. OOOOOoooo... I just found your blog today. I did a search for 'orphan awareness' in Google & hopped around a few until I landed on yours & I have to say, I LOVE the shirt design & your heart to do things beyond November!!!

    My husband & I are a part of a mission team that works with orphans in the Kaliningrad Region of Russia. I would LOVE to have shirts to offer as a fundraiser for our trip & the orphanage (and especially ones for our team like the China one you designed). If you're interested in maybe putting something together like that, would you email me? I can tell you all about our love of redhead Russian twin boys who are turing 13 at the end of this month and why we are desperate to get back to them this coming summer!! Thanks for your heart for orphans & for adoption! :)

  2. Do you sell your shirts? We are waiting on our little boy in China as well and would love to purchase one.