Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15 Already?

I can't believe my son is already 15!  Each year they grow past the 'teen' marker is another year you have to watch them become an adult and slowly, ever so slowly, learn to let go.  Which is totally bittersweet.  It's awesome to watch them venture into new things, stand up for themselves, be a friend/helper to others as they mature and seeing their faith grow stronger and stronger.

But at the same time....well, I want to hear him say, "I love you bigger mommy!"

Or watch him sneak out of his bed early in the morning to sit in the floor while watching Rugrats (yeah, that should date this old mom....), wearing his Blue's Clue's jammies, his red cowboy hat and eating powdered sugar donuts. :)

I want to hear the squeal one more time of his little voice when he got his first pet, a guinea pig at the ripe old age of 5.  (what was I thinking?!  lol  Oh yeah, he just wanted it!)  But now his voice is changing.  He's becoming a young man.  The occasional 'squeal' is still there, but it's much more unintentional now. ;)

How he used to lock me out of the car in the morning so he could stay home with mommy has turned into taking a test to get his driver's permit.  Oiy.

Teaching the daughter how to drive = trying, difficult at times, but never scarey.

Teaching the son how to drive = for some reason has me frightened, nervous, anxious and well, just all around hoping to avoid the inevitable.  Which shouldn't be my first thoughts, but it is.

For the longest time, he was the baby.  There is an 8 year gap between our last two children (which I would gladly fill with more babies when the good Lord sees fit to enlighten my hubby on what an awesome dad he would be to a few more [adopted] children).  So, I don't want to let him grow up so soon.  I sometimes don't give him enough credit for the accomplishments and abilities he has.

He reminded me today that Saturday is the barnwarming dance at school.  So, not only do I have a driver's test to deal with tomorrow, I have his first school dance to boot!  Can't he just go with his mother to the dance?

Can't he just let me drive him around a few more years?  Can't he just stay little forever?!  For some reason I want to rationalize that it's harder for mom's to see their little boys grow up and dad's have problems with their little girls.
I really STRONGLY dislike this picture of me, but isn't my son handsome?!  ;)

This son I was blessed with 15 years ago today is:







An incredible BIG/little brother.

An amazing son.

A heritage from the Lord.

Children are a heritage from the LORD ~Psalm 127:3~

He makes me:






Happy Birthday baby boy!  ♥  Don't ever change who you are, for God has a plan for your life and I'm just happy and privileged to be a part of it.  Follow Him, remain faithful and He will reward you.  I love you!


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