Monday, November 2, 2009

[ Long Week ]

Wow, I couldn't believe it had been a week since I posted last!! It's been a crazy, hairy week and I'm glad to be starting fresh. There was much work to do last week and definitely may things became a quick distraction. The kids have been busy being kids :) (thank goodness some things keep us in normal mode). Tyler has started basketball and had his best game yet last week. Too bad the score books were locked up due to 'friendly competition' between teammates. I get to keep score, but was sworn to secrecy so I can't share his EXACT points. Let's just say he made double digits during his last game... twice over! ;) I was so proud and excited! He's getting sooo good at basketball (and it just so happens to be my favorite sport!), I love to watch him play. He had a tournament last week so we had three games, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and we won two out of those three! Unfortunately, I'm always so wrapped up in the game and keeping score, I forget I want to take pictures! I'll have to remember to take the time this week so you can see my star b•ball player!
Tyler and one of his best friends, Truman (the flying man!). They thought it made a funny buddy pic. :)

Basketball kept us buy all week and Thursday night was actually the last high school football game and 'senior night'. All of the seniors are recognized (that are in the football/field activities) and their parents. It was raining cats and dogs and everyone was drenched but it was still a great time. Bittersweet though, to realize my baby girl is now a senior and this was her senior night. Her last night to perform on the football field during a game. Her last night as a "Guard Dog". I guess the good Lord had a great plan. I was worried about crying and feeling like I was losing my baby girl. It was raining so much and we only carried one umbrella to walk across the field with our colorguard girl that we were so busy discussing who was getting wet that I totally missed the announcement of what she had done through school. I remember hearing the Taylor Lynch, daughter of Eric and Renea Lynch part and everything after that is a blur. Then I got a photo posted to my facebook wall by my friend Michelle (thinking I would never have anything to remember this moment), only to discover just how fat I look in pictures.... and in person. Oiy. Sure makes all that Halloween candy look disgusting huh? Chocolate = Fat.It's hard to believe we've reached this milestone. The year is going WAY too fast! We love you Taylor!

And of course, it was Halloween this weekend! It was funny we were discussing how some of the people we know don't 'celebrate' Halloween. Daddy ask why exactly we do. What does Halloween mean after all?! The kids rolled their eyes, and I said Halloween means playing dress up and lots of candy!!!! lol :) When dad ask why we couldn't dress up like someone from the Bible sissy said, go ahead... it's a costume. That's all it is dad, costumes and candy. People need to remember to keep the fun and not focus on evil. St. Patrick's day isn't evil and people dress up in green to avoid being pinched! I dress up to fill my bucket with candy! lol :)

Taylor had big plans for a costume this year. We bought a pattern and all the material and notions to make her into a gypsy. Teaching her to sew... it was easier teaching Tyler to cook! lol :) She cut out all the pattern pieces, and she even made the shirt herself. Then we got busy through the week and not much got worked on. Until Saturday morning. Yep, Saturday. After my appointment I got home around noon and started working. She had the pieces cut out for her skirt and I started sewing while she was still working on vest pieces and linings, measuring etc. We finished sewing around 6:30. Oiy... but she made an awesome gypsy and of course reminded me that all my work was not in vain, we can use the costume for the next renaissance festival too!
Tyler had a Haunted House and school party on Friday night that didn't really require a costume and then when he wanted one we went shopping and of course everything was gone. He's so clever though, he had a sticker on his shirt that said, "Shake well before each use." LOL That's my boy!!! I was a bad mom and assumed he was feeling too old to trick-or-treat, but he really wanted to. So, I bought him his own private giant stash of candy and promised him next year we make his costume.
Sissy took off to her friends for a Halloween party and movie marathon, while the boys went with daddy and I to gather candy. Tanner had his football costume but at the last minute decided he would make a better vampire, and of course dad came through with a costume he picked up after work on his way home. Thank goodness for Wal-Mart. After sewing and finishing sissy's costume I had hair and make-up to master.
Tanner thought his costume was awesome! Until we visited the very first house (a friend of daddy's) and they laughed like crazy!!! Not at him of course, but loving his costume and thinking he was awesome. Only he took it the wrong way and then decided he didn't want anyone to see him. It was like pulling teeth to get him out of the car again. But we managed to hit 5 whole houses and papa & mama's house before coming home with a handful of loot, one can of Dr. Pepper and a bottled water. It made me think of the movie Grumpy Old Men where one of them gave the little girl a box of laundry soap. lol :)

The highlight of my week though, was going with Joy to city hall while the mayor signed a proclamation for Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry declaring November as National Adoption Month! We certainly missed Melinda though but we'll continue on with our mission until she can join us again. I'm anxious to see Monday's paper!
After leaving city hall I took the rest of the day to visit local churches to share information that we hope they will present to their congregations on Orphan Sunday as well as promote our open house and share flyers in their foyers. You can read more about that on the Joint Heirs blog. :) It also has info on the 40 days of prayer that we're doing. I hope you'll join us in that effort! Happy Monday everyone! Hope you have an awesome week!

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