Monday, November 9, 2009

[ Is This Your Son? ]

This post is copied from a blog friend, advocating for adoption. This little boys profile has always caught my eye when I've looked at the waiting children on the Ordinary Hero site. There's more information on how to contact All God's Children to Inquire about him. If you don't feel led to adopt, just please pass this post on in hopes of finding "B" his forever family. Thank you!!! And Thanks Kristi and Kelly for bringing these children to our attention! Praying for B's family to find him quickly!
I would like to introduce you all to my next little LOVE!! Today, Orphan Sunday, I'm advocating for "Handsome B". "B" is an adorable 8 year old boy that has so much promise and such a bright future IF ONLY he had a family to call his own. You see...B is one of the 147 Million Orphans living in this world WAITING for a family to PICK HIM so that he has a chance to live up to all that God has in store for him. B's story broke my heart when I read it...You see....I found B's picture BEFORE I ever left to go and pick up our Lucy Lane...I saw him one night late on my computer screen and turned to my hubby and said, "Oh, MY...He's beautiful!! Couldn't we adopt an 8 year old boy?" My hubby gave me his normal smile and reminded me that we were getting ready to go and pick up our new daughter....BUT I decided I'd look for him while I was at Hannah's Hope Orphanage anyways. His beautiful eyes just spoke to me...He had such an innocence and sweetness about him....Well, upon arriving at HH to get our Lucy Lane..I discovered that he didn't live at HH yet...He was still living with his mother UNTIL room became available in the orphanage. Now, today, B is still with his Mom...During the Rainy Season in Ethiopia, there isn't much B will be moved to HH when there is room for him...Either way, I couldn't imagine the HUGE blessing it is for him to be able to live these last few months WITH his mother..I could tell from the pictures that they love each other deeply, but yet, she can't keep him. She must let him go!! I just can't imagine the pain.

You see...B was part of a 2 parent home when his father lost his life in a construction accident...B lost his father, and his mother now has no way to care for him due to extreme poverty...I understand that since he is signed with HH that they will supplement his food and care UNTIL he arrives at HH to live. He's already experienced such great loss, he deserves a HOME!!! He deserves to know WHERE his next meal will come from....His mother deserves to know that her son will be taken care of... I witnessed while in Ethiopia ANOTHER Mom bringing her daughters to HH to get photographed for "potential" adoptive parents to see....This mother's heart was so HUGE for her girls...She had them all dressed up in their finest of clothing, and she looked on so proudly as they were being photographed....B's Mom is no different...She dressed him in his finest of clothing KNOWING FULL WELL why he'd be getting his picture taken...B also being old enough to know exactly WHY the pictures were being taken too...I can't imagine their grief and pain...
BUT there is hope for B....There is hope in YOU!! Someone will have the opportunity to fly to Ethiopia where this little boy will be waiting...You will be united with your new son and you both will rejoice in the fact that you are finally together....You will then have the opportunity to meet B's Mom...She will come to say goodbye to you both...You will hug and cry together BECAUSE you both will love the same son. As B's new parent you will take him on his first plane ride, you will hold his hand as he leaves the only world he ever knew, you will fly him into a new world filled with opportunity and hope......You will take this boy and introduce him to his first HOUSE...You will take him to his first grocery where food is in abundance for the first time in his life....You will watch his eyes light up the first time he experiences air conditioning or the first time he is able to pick out his own clothes....You will also hold him tight as he grieves his mother...He will cry!! He will miss her!! He will want to make sure that she is ok....BUT you will hold him and tell him everything will be OK...He will learn to trust you....BUT for now...He is still waiting for that call to come...that he is being moved to HH BECAUSE a family is coming to get him....He must go and he must find a home!! Do you have room?? Will you make room?

B is said to be healthy, active and right on target for his age...He is said to love football and he is described as being VERY BRIGHT!!! His smile reminds me so much of my 7 1/2 year old...They both have giants smiles that can light up a room...I think of HOW innocent my 7 year old is AND how much I LOVE her age...She is independent, yet she still needs me so much!! It is the best of both worlds at this age....An 8 year old boy still has SO MUCH life to live...There is still so much innocence in those eyes....And, I can already imagine him in his first ever soccer uniform playing on a team for the first time in his life...

So, tonight, on this Orphan Sunday, I'm asking you all MOST IMPORTANTLY to pray!! Pray this child finds the forever family he was intended to have....No child deserves to be waiting this long...EVEN THOUGH I think it has been the LORD HIMSELF that allowed this mother and son to have all this extra time it is time for him to go home...It is time for him to head to HH where his every need can be met while he waits for YOU to show up and pick him up....Will you do it??????
2nd....Will you please pass this along to whom ever has slightly ever seemed interested in adoption...Will you post it to your own blogs or sites?? Together through prayer and technology we can BRING THIS HANDSOME YOUNG BOY HOME!!!

**If you would like to inquire about Handsome B then please contact: Megan Palmer, her email is or by phone at 971-244-1461.
***You can also read more about Handsome B by reading my sister's post at We are partnering and are determined to find this cutie HIS FOREVER FAMILY!!! As he sits in Ethiopia tonight, he has no idea that some crazy American women are determined to beg, plead and pray him to his family...I know HIS family is out there....and I'm praying that God will connect the dots like he always does....I know God has a wife someday for this boy and children will be born because he was given a chance to live and survive!! An entire generation will be changed forever BECAUSE someone stepped up to the plate and adopted Handsome B!!! Together...with the Lord's help...WE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

***Thank you for your time and your prayers...AND, I know B and his mom thank you too...kristi j

"I will not leave you as orphans, I will come to you." John 14:18
"Children are a gift from God." PSALM 127:3 "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for, and certain of what we do not see." Hebrews 11:1

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  1. thank you so much Renea...I truly appreciate your amazing heart...kristi