Wednesday, November 4, 2009

[ Blog Hop ♥ Favorite Photos ]

So, it's been awhile since I've 'hopped'. We've been so busy lately, but something brought my attention back to McKlinky and I'm glad it did. Excited to see all the pics everyone shares, as this week's hop is your favorite photos. Being a photographer I've got quite a stash! But here are a few recent favorites:
This is probably one of my most favorite, not only because Fall is my favorite time of the year, but this is my neighbor's little girl and she's a sweetheart! I ♥ her to death! (Plus, she babysits my cat when it runs back to her house to hang out!)
This one just makes me happy. This giant cross is just a mile from my house and my clients love it. We've taken so many pictures here, but this one just seems so cheery and uplifting. God is good. I used this photo as a 'logo' photo for our adoption ministry (see the link in the sidebar).
These two have been coming to see me since before the little girl was born. Always fun to see and play with them and when I went through their proofs from their session this one just melted my heart. Coop is so onery and Evan is just as rough with her brother as any tomboy could be. The fact they look so sweet cracks me up, and almost brought a tear to my eye. :)
This one takes the cake though. I miss riding so badly, our horses have become pasture ponies and simply pets that we talk to in passing and pet when we can. I love sillouettes and this brother and sister became a favorite that I even had to blow up to keep one for myself. I keep telling myself I'm going to make a book with inspirational photos from sessions I've had and I believe this one would make a terrific cover! Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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  1. What beautiful photos!! I especially love the little one who seems to be praising God near the cross! Wonderful! Are you in Kentucky (or is it southern IL)? That cross looks like one I've traveled past on my many trips home to Chicago from my home in TN...

  2. I'm in Missouri Joy. :) I've only seen one other cross like that when we traveled to Sieverville, TN. It's the first thing I see on my drive to take the kids to school in the morning and the last landmark as I travel home at night. It's simply beautiful!

  3. Such beautiful photos! Please keep posting more of them!

  4. Such precious photos!! Love the captions!!! Love the music!!! Coming back real soon to ponder!
    Mama Holli

  5. You must have seen the one in Crossville (ironic, no?) I asked my parents (who have made the trip to see me) and the one I saw is in Effingham, IL ( I always loved traveling near it. Such a beautiful proclamation of God's presence!