Tuesday, November 10, 2009

[ Grease is the Word ]

How many times have you watched the movie Grease? I lost count myself.... long ago. :) It's something that almost seems like a right of passage. I introduced my children to it early on and of course, they became as addicted as I did. We know all the words to all the songs, have dressed in the costumes and secretly dreamed of marrying John Travolta.... okay, maybe that was just my dream. Not the kids'. My girlfriend even had her wedding reception dances arranged around the soundtrack. The DJ had the groomsmen as t-birds and us girls were the pink ladies. We danced all the moves and sang our hearts out. It was awesome.

Grease will live on forever. I can hear all the 50's generation saying, "Yeah... like we knew we were cool." lol :) My son had a dance at his school on Friday night and the theme was the 50's. He was looking forward to going but said they had to dress in costume. Well, don't you know I was thrilled to dress him up! We got a pair of his dad's old tight leg jeans and I cuffed them on the bottom. White socks of course with loafers (which he thought looked like granny shoes), a t-shirt and leather jacket (with the collar popped!), and then came the icing on the cake.... The GREASE in the hair! I think I gooped enough hair gel in the kids head that Dapper Dan himself would have been jealous. He said that's enough mom! But I had to slick him back and show him how to run the comb through it. Then stuck the comb in his back pocket. It has to be greasy! You greaser! To which he then exclaimed.... "That's it! That's why they call it grease?!" aye-yae-yae..... yes son. After 13 years, you finally understand. "Oooh! That and greased lightnening!" As he started singing....
We rushed to the dance only to have him stand in the hallway and make me check to make sure everyone else had dressed up. He was afraid they might have all pranked him and he was alone in the costume department. Luckily the girls were sporting their poodle skirts, scarves and saddle shoes, as they all yelled tell him to come in!!! The other boys didn't dress up but the girls did and when my son walked in... lookin' oh so cool they all hooped and hollered and told him how cool he was!!! LOL :) What a proud moment for momma! lol You gotta love Grease.

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