Tuesday, November 3, 2009

[ Are You a Christian? ]

November is National Adoption month and with 147 million+ orphans in the world, we need to open our eyes to the needs of the least of these. Did you know...

There are more than 2 billion professing Christians in the world. If only 7% of those 2 billion would show hope and compassion to a single orphan, looking after them in their distress, effectively there would be no more orphans.

7%..... only 7%!!! Only 7%? Could that be right?

While I don't believe everyone is called to adopt, I do believe that everyone is called to do something. What that something is...that is between You and God. You are the hands and feet of Jesus, not the government, not your neighbor, but You. We have to stop believing that someone else, someone bigger than us, someone with more resources than us, will help.... will solve the problem.

Here are just a few ways you can do something, a few ways everyone can do something:
  • prayer - prayer for the children, their situations, birth families, adoptive families, our churches, fellow Christians to follow God's command.
  • adoption
  • sponsorship - World Vision is a great place to get started, or you can click the link in my sidebar for Life Connection Mission. It's so easy to get started, so easy to do. Most of the links in my sidebar have ways to commit to sponsorship. There are so many more.
  • mission trips (volunteering), just going and doing, showing the Love of Christ means so much to so many. Sharing the salvation of Jesus Christ with someone is the greatest gift of all.
  • financial support - can you help someone else who is traveling on missions? Or perhaps you know someone who is adopting, can you support them with your donations? If you know no one personally, there are families all across the nation, agencies that help you find families to support. Search for them. Several of the blog links in my sidebar are families currently in the process of adoption. Send a donation to help them bring their child home.
If you still aren't sure where to begin, start with prayer for yourself. Ask God to show you what you can do. What He expects you to do. I promise.... if you ask Him sincerely and earnestly He will show you.

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