Monday, November 23, 2009

[ Busy Week! ]

Last week my son had his 8th grade basketball tournament at school. Being the junkie I am (and best friends with the coach), I kept the scorebook for all games for three nights. Fun Fun!! :) So Monday night was ball games, Tuesday night was ball games and my daughter had her band banquet at school we snuck off to, then returned to the ball games, Wednesday night we usually have bible study and decided to stay home and catch up on our rest (mostly for the 6 yr old who gets drug around all over kingdom come!), Thursday night we had ball games again, Friday night my kids of course had to go to the New Moon movie (duh!), Saturday I worked with photo sessions all day and got to photograph the Barnwarming at the high school Saturday night (where my daughter was crowned queen!), and Sunday we spent our afternoon on the go celebrating my son's birthday by eating at Applebee's, shopping at Wal Mart and going to the matinee where we watched The Blind Side. Wheeeww.... did you keep up with all that?!

So for the highlights of those days.... Tuesday my daughter had a banquet at school for her colorguard activities this fall. She received her letter, and a black and gold flag the school was retiring since it has been used all four years of her high school 'career' in the guard. :o) I can't believe she's a senior and all these milestones are flying by. It was fun watching the slideshow of all the seniors baby pictures and their 'now' pictures to see how our babies have grown. Bittersweet.

Thursday night was Tyler's special night as the 8th grade are recognized during the basketball game as it was their last in their little country school. The last time my son will be a blue jay sportin' his stuff on the court. He was high scorer for the year! Awesome! I'd have to get specific statistics but he averaged about 13 points per game. I think his record high night was 22 points! As they announced his name, and his parents I walked across the gym floor with him to receive my flowers and realized he's not a little boy anymore either. He was kind enough to remind me that next year he can drive! Holy cow... where did my babies go?! I love him so.... I'm waiting to get pics from the school of our march across the gym and I'll share as soon as they are e-mailed.

Saturday night was another special evening as my daughter attended her last Barnwarming dance. She was again nominated for queen (second consecutive year), and this year she won. Her senior year is slipping away but it's so much fun to see her enjoy her time with her friends and of course Ag is her all-time favorite thing. She is an officer again this year, Vice-President, and she's also the Area I Treasurer for the surrounding counties.
So, where does the 6 year old fit in to all this chaos? He loves following his siblings around to their school functions. You see, he may only be 6 but inside he's 15, just like he fits in with the crowd of big kids. Only his sleep deprivation this week finally caught up to the little guy. It was a busy week and he's exhausted. I know this because when his body tries to catch it's second wind he goes bazerk and drives us all nuts with his hyperactivity. He even fell asleep on the way home from school when his sister picked him up today. :o)

You can see and understand his urgency to be a 'big brother'. He's always talking about needing a little brother and sister. (hmmm... with no help from me or suggestions) He's going to be an only child all too soon and the house will seem a bit empty with only one Lynch kid around instead of three. It hits home with him on days like Friday when his teenage siblings take off to the movies and leave him behind to be a little kid. Maybe none of them will leave home. :o) College isn't necessary is it? Really? Maybe they could commute...

And one of the highlights of my week was the matinee.... yes, watching The Blind Side. Sandra Bullock has always been one of my favorite actresses, but after yesterday I believe she moved to the top of the list. My heart is overflowing for adoption and orphans and this movie was so incredible. I cried at little moments that most people wouldn't, but it even tugged at my kids' hearts a bit too and a few tears were shed all around. You must go see it.... when it comes out on DVD I will own it. :o) ♥ BIG PUFFY HEART ♥

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  1. i can't wait to see the movie...I'll have to wait to dvd....Thanks for your prayers for the sisters...We're so close to hearing some good news..i just know it :) kj