Saturday, October 17, 2009

[ That's How We Roll... ]

It's been a long week to say the least. My brother-in-law lost his wife last Saturday. One week ago today. He wasn't coping very well and we all took turns staying with him and keeping him company. Trying to comfort someone during the loss of a loved one, let alone a spouse is pointless to some degree. There is no comfort. In much of anything. But with a lot of love and support we manage to survive and life goes on. The best thing you can do for someone during their time of grief is love them, hold them and pray for them. Monty definitely still needs our prayers.

After her funeral on Thursday I made a big dinner in case anyone wanted to come over and eat. Monty doesn't have a lot of people to turn to other than his dad and his brothers. I knew he'd come to eat and stay with us a while and I called my father-in-law to eat with us. My bro-in-law seemed to be doing better after the day was over. Definitely not the person he was a week ago. He's going to be fine...moving on. It helps to have an adorable nephew who needs to be entertained and begs for attention. The little card shark acts like he's ready for a professional poker game, but will settle for "Goldfish". (His way of saying Go Fish!). He couldn't comprehend go fish when he was a toddler so goldfish just stuck and that's what we still call it. He insisted that his uncle Monty play and he was going to show him how dad and he played the game. Too funny.
Maybe some day Monty can look back on this day and think it wasn't so bad after all. He survived and there are still people left in this world that love him. It was hilarious listening to the game and how my 6 yr old makes up the rules as he goes along. To suit his cause of course.
He has his own special deck of Spongebob cards and loves to play with them any chance he gets. I told him to hold up a card and show me so I could take his picture and he said, "Mom! Dad will see my cards... geez. Don't look dad!" as he showed me his hand. Little nut. We laughed and I told him I didn't need to see what he was holding, I just wanted a picture of spongebob on the back. LOL :)
After a lengthy game of Goldfish, Tanner remembered that uncle Monty knew how to play the banjo and wanted to hear it. My husband's family is full of musicians and it comes so natural to them all. My kids love music just as much and it's in their blood. My daughter can pick up a base and be taught to play within minutes while I struggle for days on end and give up. My oldest son is taking guitar lessons and his teacher says he's a natural. He does an awesome job. And of course the littlest musician will pick up anything or play his "air guitar" every chance he gets. After playing the drums on my coffee table to two pencils and his library books (he was simply accompanying his uncle Monty) he BEGGED to play the real banjo. So this is what they figured out. Dad could hold him on his lap and hold the banjo, Tanner got to strum the strings, and uncle Monty played the 'left hand'. It was hilarious and awesome. :) Tanner said, "how am I gonna play the long end?!?!" When his uncle volunteered his next question was, "Do you know twinkle twinkle?" Serious as a heart attack. So they played and sang twinkle twinkle little star. I wish I had video!

Then our weekend started.... Tanner had a birthday party today for one of his kindergarten buddies, but before the party we got to ride in the parade for the Missouri Days Festival. Melinda, Joy and I started Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry and what better way to let people know what we're doing than with a float full of adorable kids?! It was pretty chilly but overall we had a great time. The kids threw lots of candy and I think we now have the 'parade wave' mastered. ;o)
The kids all got together at Melinda's and they made our signs for the side of the truck. Last night when I tucked Tanner in he was asking about the float and what it was for. So we had a long talk about adoption. He seemed to understand and all he wanted to know was why his brother and sister grew up so fast. His idea of fast is because his brother and sister are 8 and 11 years older than he is. His sister is a senior in high school graduating and will soon be off to college and her absence around the house really takes it's toll on him some days. He realizes now he's going to be 'alone' someday. I can't imagine him being the only child in our house in the next few years. He's been asking for a brother or sister. Maybe, just maybe.... this is all part of God's plan. We shall see.....

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