Thursday, October 1, 2009

[ Joint Heirs ]

Today was an awesome day! I woke up with my head and my heart full, excited to meet with friends today. Friends with a heart like mine and a vision for something so incredible. After my trip to Haiti this summer so many things changed in my life. In my heart. My priorities changed, my lifestyle changed, my faith and my walk with God changed. I found new internet friends and have been reading and learning so much about adoption. I feel it's something God has placed in my heart for a purpose. Today, a part of that purpose was fulfilled.

I knew months ago about Joy's adoption of Jia and was so excited for her when they finally were able to bring their little girl home after years of adoption proceedings. I wanted to pick her brain, to soak up anything she was willing to share. I wanted others to find out about adoption and how wonderful it is. When I shared that idea with Joy she had told me she had the same ideas and felt led to do something. We decided to meet and talk about some things we had found and wanted to share with our churches to encourage others. The day before we decided to meet Melinda e-mailed Joy telling her how she had been praying and thinking of adoption so much lately and feeling led to share and do something. I've known Melinda since she was a little girl. Watching her grow, babysitting, playing games with her, riding the school bus home's incredible to see the woman she's become and her heart for orphans and the beautiful children she's adopted too. Joy told her to come with us to lunch. You can't tell me these things are just coincidence. My heart and my mind know better. God was leading us to one another for a greater purpose. Today, that purpose became "Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry".

We met for lunch and spent hours (literally!) discussing adoption and our visions for what's to come. We're planning events for National Adoption Awareness month (November) and Orphan Sunday (November 8th). It seems like everything that we think about, God is one step ahead of us leading and making it come so easily. I'm sure we'll experience obstacles (it's bound to happen), but right now it's amazing to see how His will is being fulfilled through us.

"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and keep oneself from being polluted by the world."
James 1:27
Joy came up with the name for our new mission: "Joint Heirs Adoption Ministry", which Melinda and I thought was pretty awesome. We're all joint heirs in this world, heirs to God's kingdom. We have a ministry to share which is adoption that we all feel very strongly about. We're on a mission to see other families adopt. Placing orphans in families they so desperately need. Seeing our community grow and thrive with children of all races and nationalities. There are so many things in store for us..... so many plans. 147 Million Orphans, we intend to change that number.
Right now...our first objective is making sure our community is aware of National Adoption Month. Orphan Sunday is November 8th. We're meeting with our local ministerial alliance to share our message with local pastors who we hope in turn will share with their congregations on that Sunday. God's word and command for us to care for orphans. We're planning an open house for the same afternoon for local adoptive families to network and then we're inviting the community in to share information for anyone interested in adoption. I'm praying for this event and know that God will bring people to us. Already today when I called the local radio station to solicit airtime for advertising we were asked to be a 'news item' for their Open Line broadcast to introduce our cause to the community! How awesome is that?! We're stepping out in faith and God is making sure that others are listening. I can't tell you how exciting this afternoon has been for me.
I could ramble for hours and type for days but I don't want to spoil everything! So for now... my Thankful Thursday post concludes with a love I have for these two women God has placed in my life. Thankful for their friendship, their support, their heart and love for the orphan like mine. Today I am thankful that we share a vision and thankful that God is helping us to fulfil it.
My joint heirs.... Melinda, (me), and Joy.
See you next week girls! ♥

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