Monday, January 24, 2011


So tell me, what's your passion?  What are you hopelessly addicted to that you drink day after day after day.  My vice.....the good Dr.  Yes, Dr. Pepper is my nasty addiction.  Like smoking (except I kicked that habit YEARS ago thank goodness), I have to (or at least think I have to) have it everyday.

Yes, yes, I know it's pathetic.  My drug of choice is a sweet syrupy cola in a plastic bottle.  I prefer the mini bottles because they don't go flat as quickly.  And when I get busy or I'm working away at my desk it's not like I'm taking it through an IV so I don't want it to get hot and flat.  Hence, the smaller bottles stay cold because quite frankly they don't last very long.  But every time I try to drink a 20 oz it takes me all day.

Because it's so darn sweet I actually grow tired of it after some time (which can be months, but still it happens).  When this state of taste bud denial happens I reach for a Pepsi.

Some people are coke junkies.  And I'm not talking cocaine.  Strictly coca-cola.  And think of the many many uses we've been taught this little number can do!
Everything from meat marinades to cleaning battery acid from your car battery.  Works like a dream!  lol  But my all time favorite use that I've seen shared for Coke:

Got The Trots?? Keran from New Zealand wanted to share this Coke tip with us; "While living in Papua New Guinea as a child, my father and I got a bad case of the trots. (As you often do in 3rd world countries). We went to the Doctor, and he told us the most effective treatment would be to get a 2ltr bottle of coke, take the top off and let it go flat, and up to room temperature, then drink 1 glass every couple of hours. BINGO... all fixed up inside!" Thanks Keran... I won't be going out of the country with out a supply of Coca Cola!!

It's a new generation these days though.  Kids now drink Gatorade and Powerade which is really just hyped up sugar water if you ask me.  Yes, I know all the benefits of drinking and refueling your electrolytes.  We even use them once in a blue moon if someone in our house gets the flu.  It's easier to get a kid to drink blue powerade than it is to drink pedialyte.
And as a parent you find out these awesome POWER drinks will have you driving straight to the dentist.  Yes, the dentist.  These sugary drinks are the WORST things you can let your child drink as the sugar deposits that stick to their teeth will likely have you spending more in dental bills than the average person.

So, what should we do?  As a health conscious generation we have discovered bottled water!  Aaaaahhhh..... pure, crystal clear, cold, fresh, non-chlorinated WATER!  The best thing to quench your thirst.  And the best thing for your body.  Right?  We're told that we should drink a minimum of 8 glasses a day.  Which I'm guessing is equivalent to about 4-5 20 ounce bottles per day.  And I know some folks who actually get that much water a day.  When my kids are playing sports, I buy them bottled water rather than powerade's.  They may drink twice as much to keep hydrated but I'm okay with that (no sugar remember?!)
And with sooooo many options for bottled water, well it's pretty convenient to pick one up anywhere.  Gas station, vending machines, grocery stores, Wal-Mart (that's redneck for Macy's--couldn't resist, lol).  The possibilities are endless, the supply is NEVERENDING!  Have you ever seen a store that was out of bottled water?  You can even take those big jugs in now and fill them at your local grocer so you aren't drinking tap water.  Because face it folks, some people are bottle snobs.  Yes, I said it.  They refuse to drink from the tap.  Trust me.  My son has a friend that has never, NEVER, drank water from a tap.  The boy is 15 years old and thinks it's terrible that my son drinks tap water and claims the chlorine and other crap that's in it will decrease his health over time.  Seriously.  Scarey.
Yes, he thinks THIS is going to cause my son harm.  You wanna know what I'd like to share with this family? Just how idiotic this truly is.  You wanna know what I'd like to see this family do?  Drink this:
Think I'm being a bit sarcastic?  A bit dramatic?  Well, think again.  Because a great multitude of the world's population do just that.  This is the only source they have for water.  Life sustaining fluids.  

And don't think for a second that I 'googled' this image.  Yep, I googled the pop, the powerades and the bottled water.  But this, this is a picture my friend Christie shared with us last week.  She is living in Uganda, trying desperately to show them the love of Christ.  The love that other Christians are to poor out on the least of these.  This, dear readers, is where Christie and the people of the village of Bugabo get their drinking water.  Not from a tap, not with chlorine added to take away the parasites and make it crystal clear.  That's a luxury folks.  They have to go and fetch water and carry it.  
This sweet little guy is only four years old.  What do you have your 4-yr-old doing today?  I bet they're aren't packing water.  Preschool maybe?  But that's another post, and a soapbox of another kind.

You see, people really do have to drink water like this.  Everyday.  Because we know that we must have water to survive.  It sustains us.  So, you drink what's available.  But, as my son's classmate likes to point out how all the 'preservatives' in tap water are bad for his health, people fail to realize just what BAD water can do for you.  
It doesn't make you chubby and healthy.  Remember looks can be deceiving.  It makes you bloated and wormy.  Yes, wormy.  Just like we treat our pets for worms to keep them healthy.  When we go to these measures to care for the health of a pet yet pay no attention to God's people hurting around the world.  Needing simply fresh clean water.  What have we become?   

You know, years ago (decades even) we could claim ignorance.  We didn't have things like internet, wi-fi, heck even television!  So we knew very little of how people in other places lived.  In other states, much less on the other side of the world.  

What is our excuse now?  

That it IS the other side of the world and why should we care?  It's not our problem.  Out of sight, out of mind.  These people choose to live this way.  If they wanted something better or different they would do something about it.  




As Christians we are called to care for the least of these.  Jesus tells us of this repeatedly.  REPEATEDLY folks.  It's not a 'duty'.  It's a command.  And there are several ways we can be the hands and feet of Jesus.  Some like Christie (love ya girlfriend!) make the BIG sacrifices and give up their life of 'normal'.  Their urban lifestyles tossed aside to live a life of serving as a missionary.  Some pray.  Others give.  What I'm asking of you is to consider giving.  Giving to their fund to build a borehole.  A simple well for their friends and family to obtain fresh water.  

We all know that beneath the earth's surface is water.  God has given us everything we need to sustain life on this earth.  The book of Genesis tells us all about it.  But when some of God's people struggle to obtain what they need to live a healthy life, it's up to more of God's people (that's us!) to help provide it.

How can you look into these beautiful faces and not be stirred to help?  Not want to provide basic needs for them to grow and thrive.  
♥ This is Cate, Resty & Henry ♥
♥ Mastulah & Ali ♥
This woman couldn't........
We ♥ you 'Chuwidgety'! (Christie)
And certainly I couldn't.  We (between my husband, my daughter and my sister) are currently sponsoring 5 children from this village.  Five beautiful gifts from God.  (Cuz we all know God doesn't make mistakes and he certainly don't make no junk! :)  right?!)  But we're doing more than that.  We're helping by contributing to the fund to raise money to get that borehole.  To be able to provide fresh clean water to the faces we have grown to love and care about.  These people have become a part of our family.

Can you go back to your desk, your work, your Dr. Pepper without thinking about someone else needing fresh water?  To help with the borehole simply click THIS LINK and you will be taken to Christie's blog.  You can read more and see videos of the village and daily life she is living in Bugabo.  More that little DONATE button on the sidebar!  Specify in your paypal donation what you want the funds to be used for.  (i.e. borehole, sponsorship)  Yes, I included sponsorship there....  go ahead, really step out of your comfort zone why don't you?  Sponsor a child AND give them clean water!  (*Update* You can donate through L.O.T. --least of these-- blog directly HERE)
Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.  

If I had enough money, I'd pay for that borehole myself.  But it's going to take more than me.  It's going to take the body of Christ (all of us Christians!).  Unless of course Donald Trump is reading this post, and then Mr. Trump, feel free to paypal approximately $10K and we'll scratch this off the 'Faith List'.  ;)  I'll personally send you a thank you card!


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