Friday, January 7, 2011

We are Family

So, 'meeting' this new facebook friend has allowed me to expand my world so to speak just a bit farther.  To be honest I'm not exactly sure how I found Christie, but God knows.  God led her to Bugabo village in Uganda, and God led me to her.  And I'm ever so glad He did!!!

Of course we all know in this world of social media and being able to communicate so easily that we are able to establish relationships all around the world.  And isn't if funny how you can go months, years, maybe even your lifetime and never meet them, but feel as if you've know them your whole life?  When our hearts and minds are focused on the same thing it's like having family.  Which, in fact, we are.  We are brothers and sisters in Christ.  And I gotta tell ya, my 'new sister' Christie is someone I can't imagine not having in my life now.  Yep, she's that special.

I loved reading how her heart was changed, how in just one short year of becoming a born again believer she has changed her life RADICALLY for Christ.  She's walking the walk, not just talking the talk.  ♥

Through her we were able to sponsor Samuel (remember my Christmas present?).  We have also been able to help others in the village she resides in with the purchase of shoes, and school desks.  It's incredible to see just how far an American dollar can go in a third world country.  The awesome part is, by eliminating the 'middle man' she's putting our donations to work immediately!  She's taking ACTION!

Just had this on my heart today and wanted to share with everyone.  So, if you have time, and are into surfing blogs (which I know you are!) check out Compass In My Heart.  And, check out our Samuel!  He went and got himself a haircut! ;)  But isn't he still just the most handsome boy ever?!  (well, okay, one of 4) lol  My own boys are pretty handsome devils too.  ♥
How cool that we can see updates of what Christie is doing everyday (friend her on facebook if you'd like!), and being able to see the kids is such a blessing.  Our daughter sponsored two children, my sister has sponsored two, and I have friends that are donating to help with the school.  It's like having another part of our family on the other side of the world.

Some day......  my feet will step on African soil.   And I hope to squeeze and kiss on those big chubby brown cheeks!  =)


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  1. Awesome, I think there are so many of us that feel this way, I am so blessed to have found a friend like her. Makes me wonder if I really even had friends at all. Her love and compassion feels us all. Thank you so much for summing up alot of what we all are feeling.