Friday, January 10, 2014

Did you say FREE

Why yes! Yes I did! It seems there's not too much in life that's free anymore, but when you find something awesome you have to pass it along.  Right?  For the love of all things craftsy and fun I couldn't keep this one to myself.  When I've got sew many friends (pun intended) that love to quilt I knew I had to link you up!  Don't worry, there's tons more resources on the page for other crafts too.  Just click any of the photos to sign up for these online classes for free!  There's even an app for that you can see on the website so you can take your classes with you and watch on your ipad or phone!  (yep, I'm an apple junkie.....)

It's a short and sweet post for today.  I'm working on some photoshop projects and stumbled across these and knew I had to get them posted.  I tend to squirrel out of control at times so I must act when the urge calls.  You know, because I might not come back to it until 2017.  Happy Friday and Happy Sewing!

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