Sunday, July 22, 2012 year (plus) later, I'm back!

I have been thinking about blogging again for the last few weeks and have so many things going through my mind but today just sparked the last bit of fire I needed to get in gear and get back to blog land.  So a quick review will catch everyone up before I jump in on what has inspired me to reappear in the blog world.

I started a new 'job'.  In April of last year I began a home-based business with Mary Kay.  Made a trip to Dallas last summer to attend my first seminar, Fall Retreat in October at Tan Tara (Lake of the Ozarks for those that don't know), a trip to Atlanta, Georgia for Leadership conference in January, back to Kansas City for Career Conference in March and one year later I debuted as a Sales Director!  Whew....whirlwind, yes. Exciting and worth EVERY second.  I am blessed beyond measure, have found a love for all things pink and sparkly and have discovered my inner shoe fiend.  Life is good.

My oldest daughter Taylor graduated from our local community college, has paid off her first car (milestones!), and we recently moved her almost two hours away to her first real apartment where she became a Bearcat.  :)  She will finish two more years of school and graduate college. did that all happen?  Having my first born leave home....bittersweet.  So much I could write there, but I'm sure any mom can imagine the ups and downs so I'll spare you the details.  She's amazing, we had a great time on her moving day and we're uber proud of the young woman she has become and how she is keeping her feet grounded and her heart and mind still focused on the Lord.  Love her heart and desire to remain in His presence.  Her daddy may not survive the transition though.... pray for him.  ;)  lol

Our oldest son Tyler has grown into quite the handsome young man in the last year.  He got his driver's license.  OIY.  Anyone who lives in our immediate area just let me apologize now and consider it a standing apology....  just sayin.  Boys and cars, and momma's don't mix.  lol  He can be a good driver, but it sure pushes me to my limits some days.  I so wish he had his very own vehicle.  He's getting better with his responsibilities but it's not been an easy year.  He's definitely become the strong willed teenager some parents dread but all-in-all he is a young man we are proud of.  He tries our patience most days but his heart is in the right place.  Head strong is an understatement, and he's had his fair share of groundings.  But he's a boy with two jobs, lots of friends and a Christian attitude.  That's good enough for me.  He attended his first ever prom this year and the realization that my little boy is growing up into a young man hit me.  He was so handsome in his tux.  But he's WAY taller than me now and it's kinda nice to feel 'protected' by another man in the family no matter where we go.  ♥

Our youngest son Tanner is now a 'big kid' as he puts it.  He will be in 3rd grade and we all know that's where it's at, right?!  Quite the ladies man he has had several 'girlfriends' in 2nd grade.  He might have been the teacher's pet, definitely the evangelist of his classroom as he's lined everyone out on the true meaning of Christmas and Easter at school parties.  lol  :)  Gotta love him.  He played soccer this year rather than opt for baseball and at first I had reservations about being a 'soccer mom' but he is so athletic and the game came so easy for him.  He was a soccer star!!!  I fell in love with a new sport and even though we had to sit and watch some of his games in 100+ degree heat it was awesome to cheer him on.  He's a rockstar!  Yes, I'm his mom, this is my blog, and I say so.  He also won his first ever pinewood derby!!!  Talk about over the top excited.  You'd have thought he'd won the lottery.  Love how simple little things bring him so much joy.  

Number 5 in the middle is my hero.  ;)

The biggest news of all for the last year.........  drum roll please..........  something I never in a million years saw coming at us.  My husband became a pastor!  Yes, we have been busy and life has been out of control to say the least.  Over the past year my husband had the calling to become a pastor (so did my cousin!), and he found himself filling in where needed when other pastors were on vacation or had to take some time off due to health reasons.  Then one Sunday, the church he had been filling in for ask him to preach full time.  And he said yes.  :)  He became an ordained pastor and now serves Modena Christian Church.  We are blessed.  Yes, it was scarey and totally not something we saw in our future but I gotta tell you, I wouldn't have it any other way.  It's a very small church but it's home.  I can't tell you the emotional roller coaster this sent me on but I'm finally starting to get over the motion sickness so to speak and am proud to be the preacher's wife.  Eric's heart for serving the Lord amazes me and I am overjoyed to be his wife.  

So, since the oldest daughter flew the coop, the oldest son moved into the bigger room.  The younger son in turn moved into the big brother's old room (bigger) and papa bear gets baby bears room for his new study.  We are making him a 'private office' so he can prepare his sermons and have a place to go for some quiet time.  I haven't given up on the idea of adoption so the extra room will always be there if we need it.  :)  I still surf the 'waiting children' listings and always have one (or a sibling group!) that tugs at my heart strings.  I show them to Eric and ask him to pray with me for them.  The last sibling set of 2 girls I had on my heart finally found a forever family after 3 years.  ♥  And now.... we pray for a set of twin boys.  :)  Shadrack and Meshac.  Yes, you read that right....  it's funny because they are just a year or two younger than Tanner and his favorite Veggie Tales movie is 'Rack, Shack and Benny'.  ;)  If you're a Veggie Tale lover you know the slang and I'd love to have two more boys in my house.  The soccer league wouldn't know what hit 'em!  lol  :)

Gus the wiener dog is still my baby, but he's soon going to have a little girlfriend.  Just a few more weeks and she will be coming to live with us.  Can't wait to buy her a little pink dress that sparkles.  lol ;)  Go figure.  Tanner got a new kitten from his VBS teacher last month and Roxy is fitting in marvelously on the farm.  Our herd of dexter cattle is growing (Eric loves his hobby farm), and our chickens are putting out eggs faster than we can sell them!

Life is good, we are blessed and I have a feeling it's going to be great being back in blog land.  :)  Stay tuned for what inspired me to come back!

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